Tv antenna question

I got a 67 inch hd 1080p samsung dlp televison. I don’t subscribe to any premium tv (cable, dish, etc.)

I only have local channels, but I can choose normal or hd resolution from specific channels that offer the optional hd resolution.

Occasionally the hd channels will have some slight pixelation (gets messed up for brief moments, averaging 2 second intervals)

Some HD channels get messed up more than others. Normal resolution is consistent, and doesn’t get messed up on occassion.

My tv is connected to an old school rooftop antenna, which is obviously on top of my roof.

Does anyone out there have any advice? Is my antenna not good enough? Or maybe the wire connecting the antenna and tv isn’t shielded properly?

antenna? dont you mean a sattelite dish?

my old school antenna looks like this:

Maybe a dish would work better then huh?

wow i havent had one since the early 90s.

i wasnt even aware they could grab HD frequencies.

maybe you should invest in a sattelite dish.