Tv at the rio

Anyone know what they’re like? Laggy LCDs, can we even hook up systems?

2009 horrible CRT, bad colors and image. Parts cutoff, and I don’t remember any settings I could change. When you plug your composite cables in, it just switches to that input.

ah I can confirm that, we just got here

CRT? Snap, at least there won’t be any lag.

At least the TV’s work! I know for a fact that the TV’s at the Palace Station didn’t work first year I went to EVO. Nobody bothered to bring an extra monitor either.

Are composite cables the only thing you can hook up to it? What about component? And how hard is it to hook up systems to the tv? I remember last time at the rio, the TV was on a long pull out swivel that could move sidewise, making it easier to access the back of the tv to plug shit in, but i could be wrong. Can anyone confirm? Pics !!

Wait, Rio has CRTs? At least they’re playable.

Puerto Rico room will have an ASUS at least. I’ll post where I am tonight.

Yeah we should have a evo screen coming to, people coming by are bringing some as well, crt isn’t all that terrible otherwise i guess

I’m bringing an xbox with VGA cables, and running over to Goodwill and buying a CRT monitor for 10 bucks.

Problem solved.

I waqs wondering about this, their video tour doesnt even show tv’s in their rooms so I called…
How the F can the “ALL SUITES” vegas hotel not have hdtv’s Ive stayed in 2 and 3 star budget motels that had 32" hdtvs and programming, and while possibly laggy at least an available hdmi port.

So now I gotta take 2 monitors through airport…ugz

can anyone confirm highspeed internet connectivity in the rooms? wired? wireless? browser required to authenticate?

Did they confirm all rooms have the crts? Can you reach the plug ins?

I don’t think I can bring an asus on as a carry on. I was considering shipping it but what a hassle.

all standard rooms do

So the tvs will work fine with reg inputs for the 360? i hope so, CEO hotel had crap tvs.

Buy a universal remote for the room tv’s/,