TV/Consoles/Sticks @ T8

It’s two months to the day of T8 and while most aspects are locked up, the biggest issue is still at hand. We are in need of donated televisions and/or consoles in order to make this event work. I’m asking the participants to please come together and donate whatever you can to make this event work. The biggest priority is obviously TV’s and then after that consoles.

1 Projector (GOAL REACHED)
1 27" LCD TV (GOAL REACHED - Match making TV only)
13 TV’s (1 more needed)
12 Modded PS2’s (GOAL REACHED)
2 Standard PS2’s (GOAL REACHED)
4 Dreamcasts (GOAL REACHED)
4 PS2 -> DC adapters (2 more needed)
4 USB PS2 for PC Adapters (2 more needed)
7 Power Bars (1 more needed)
4 Extension Chords (GOAL REACHED)


  • 1 27" TV
  • 1 21" TV
  • 1 Dreamcast
  • 2 PS2 -> DC Adapter
  • 1 USB PS2 for PC Adapter


  • 2 21" TV’s


  • 1 27" TV


  • 1 modded PS2


  • 2 Modded PS2
  • 1 USB PS2 for PC Adapter


  • 1 Dreamcast


  • 1 TV
  • 1 modded PS2


  • 2 HORI Real Arcade Pro Sticks


  • 2 TV’s
  • 1 modded PS2
  • 1 VGA Adapter


  • 1 TV


  • 1 modded PS2


  • 1 24" TV
  • 1 modded PS2
  • 1 Dreamcast


  • 1 projector (must double check)
  • 1 27" LCD TV (will be used for match scheduling only)
  • 2 Dreamcasts


  • 1 modded PS2
  • 1 X-BOX 360


  • 1 modded PS2


  • 1 modded PS2


  • 1 modded PS2


  • 1 standard PS2
  • 1 VGA Box
  • 1 VGA DC Box
  • USB PS2 for PC Adapter


  • 1 standard PS2


  • 1 21" TV
  • 1 modded PS2
  • 3 power bars
  • 2 extension chords


  • 1 modded PS2
  • 1 power bar
  • 1 extension chord


  • 1 modded PS2


  • 1 21" TV

Please post here if you can help out, we’d really appreciate it. I’ll be updating this thread as stuff comes in.

Well… you have my stuff and sauga has my stuff, so hopefully they bring it in.

our sticks dont work

I made a list of ppl who wanted to donate from the last thread.
I’ll post it up tmr.

how many of each item are you looking for?

You have my PS2(modded) if needed. I might be able to bring my piece of assshit Tv (mono sound and games may not really fit screen) too if you guys want.

As many as can be donated. Like I said, TV’s and consoles are the biggest priority and I wouldn’t expect anyone to donate more than one of those anyway.

I could bring my DC if need be.

…that went well.

I can bring a TV and PS2. The PS2 is unmodded, but I can bring copies of CvS2, 3S, CFE, Alpha Anthologies, and SC3. I have other things, but nothing being played. Oh, MvC2. So yeah, I’ve got lots I can bring.

Oh, my TV has been a little sketchy lately, though. It gets staticy. It’s nothing a good smack won’t fix, but I’m worried about it going at a key time in a match, so using it might be a little perilous.

Franz; much thanks for the help. We’ll definitely use the TV. If it becomes a serious problem we’ll just not use it but in the meantime every TV helps.

I know I can bring my DC, the disc with MvC2, CvS2, and 3S on one disk, 2 DC Agetec Sticks, PS2 if you really need it, Anniversary Collection, CC2. That’s all I can think of…TVs would be hard since I’m takin the bus to T8

Jim; is your PS2 modded? If so I’d much rather you brought that than a DC. We really only need 4 or 5 DC’s at the most as its only use is for Marvel and CvS1. PS2’s on the other hand will be used for tons of games.

Jim, leave your ps2 w/me.

I’m not sure if i’m going to make it anymore, but i’ll definitely contribute whatever I have, whether i’m going or not:

A modded ps2 + one controller
Original Anniversary Collection
Burnt HSF2
Two TVs, one has an RF adapter, one will need one
A VGA adapter

Jay, now why the fuck would I go and do that? That would only happen if I were staying at your place anyways lol

I got:
22" monitor
modded ps2


Oh, I also have a custom made American style PS2 arcade stick, which I’d be willing to contribute for use in any match I’m not playing in (I understand the Marvel players have a thing with these sticks).

I’m also finally finishing up my second PS2 stick construction project next week, and it uses the same buttons/stick as the orbit cabs do, so once it’s done, I can put that up, too.

Yo Justin, this is off topic, but: I know I’ve been AWOL for a while, but if I can help in any capacity with organizing/administrating/running T8, let me know. I’ll be bowing out in the losers bracket first round for every game, so I’ll have time to kill while I wait to get my equipment back.


I’m going to be bringing a TV. Shaun and Ryan can most liekyl bring a TV each also. My TV is confirmed, i’ll confirmw ith Shaun and Ryan later.

Bring it on the table!

Anant; we talked yesterday about your contribution. Again thanks bud, especially considering you may not even be attending. Do you know the size of the TV’s? Also don’t worry about games or controllers right now, the TV’s and console are the big thing right now.

Quan; much thanks for the TV. Do you happen to know the size? Also, if you could have a word with Ryan and Shaun and let me know I’d greatly appreciate it. We can never have enough TV’s for this kind of event.

Pooman; much thanks for the generousity. Right now the monitor (I assume you have a VGA adapter, if not please let me know) and the modded PS2 are a big addition. I may need you to bring the X-BOX 360 as well for DOA4 but the director for that particular tournament told me that’d be covered so I’ll let you know. I don’t want you lugging around anything you don’t have to.

Franz; thanks for all the equipment. As for helping out with running things, your help would be greatly appreciated. If you could give Russell a hand on the T5/SC3 front that’d be a major asset as you’re familiar with the players already. Having an experienced director is always a major asset.

Big thanks to everyone so far. If people have VGA adapters, please let me know. We’ll need one for every monitor in use.

We will need people to donate at least 2 PS3’s. I know they’re not exactly in ready supply but T5:DR can’t run without them. I’d prefer to get 3 of them but two will suffice for now. Please help us out on this one.