TV/Consoles/Sticks @ T8

Jim kim: 1 dc, 1 3s/cvs2/mvc2 game, 2 agetecs
BKB: 1 ps2
Tommy: 1 ps2, 1 DC, 1 usb adapter, 1 SCII Stick, 1 HRAP, 1 Namco stick
g3nn: 2 DCs, 1 PS2->DC converter, 1 projector (must double check), 2 Agetecs, 1 HRAP…Also need to check his status on pc monitors.

If anyone can provide VGA adapters that would greatly help

Just a heads up:

We reached our goal for Dreamcasts. In fact a couple of them can be taken back after day 1 when CvS1 is wrapped up as we’ll only be using 4 DC setups for MvC2.

We will also need as many PS2 -> DC converters as people can spare.

Kellfire & Antony(Ky-Ant): Is it possible for you guys to bring a Tv?

I’m pretty sure a few of us have the PS2 TO DC converters here in Winnipeg, I think we have about 2 of them…maybe three, will double check

Can I request my matches to be played on the cabinet?? I am fucking serious.

You can request it. If your opponent doesn’t agree then you’re SOL though.

i m thinking about contributing BUT if i do it…Stephen must promise me that he will bring back my stuff in one piece and i want it in writing too…

here is the stuff i could probably bring

1 27"inch TV
1 modded PS2
1 SC2 Hori Stick
and maybe X-Box 360

Adrian; find me on MSN or in #gtasf and we’ll work something out if you’re serious about donating.

Thanks to everyone that has elected to donate equipment so far. We’re coming along nicely though our biggest concern in TV’s are still lacking very much.

There’s a chance I can bring a ps3. No guarantees though. I’ll try getting some kind of confirmation.

hey i have a TV but the problem is i’m not sure if i’ll have a ride or at least someone to pick it up …i won’t be donating the sticks anymore i rather have them in one piece for myself. so you can add a tv 24" justin if someone is willing to pick it up

-Modded PS2

Seriously, that’s what I want too unless I’m using the Godstick.

Donating a Sector 7 converter.

  • I got an RF for DC and A/Vs.

…that went well.

If I come Ill prolly bring a Ps2 if you guyz need, but Im nto so sure im coming nemore because of my new job

We’re under a month away and still need a lot of equipment. Come on guys, we’re asking for a little help for 2 days (the Sunday we wouldn’t need nearly as much gear around).

Jim; thanks for the help. We’d be happy to use your newly modded PS2.

FYI…a Sector 7 is a PS/PS2 - To - PC converter.

:tup: Thanks Tyson. :tup:

You can update my info:

2 Dreamcasts
2 Dreamcast Agetec Sticks
1 HRAP Stick (PS2/DC)
1 Projector - if there’s a good deal somewhere I’ll buy; or I’ll borrow the one from work; or worst case I’ll rent one for the weekend
1 13" TV
1 27" LCD TV/Monitor - unfortunately, this thing has some delay when playing games… so I was planning to use it to help run the tourney instead: connect it to my laptop and put up upcoming matches and player assignments on-screen, and also with a headset it serves as a nice megaphone for announcements


Nathans like Mr. RadioShack.

Sounds hype.

monitors work??
like computer monitors??

DOA4 was dropped from the roster, as such we are no longer in need of X-BOX 360’s. Thanks to those that donated, but your contribution in that matter will no longer be needed.

The requirement from this end for PS3’s have been dropped as the Tekken community is providing their own equipment for thier games. We didn’t have anyone volunteer one anyway, just wanted to be sure everyone knew not to bother if they wanted to.