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Hello everyone!

I have a decision to make. I’m looking to buy a new TV for gaming and i wanted to ask other gamers what their thoughts were. Following are links to the models i was looking at. One is a plasma thats listed the rest are LCD. Majority of the time will be spent gaming. A few movies every now and then and i also plan on hooking up a PC to it also. Feedback is much apprciated!

Thanks everyone.

Panasonic 42 viera LCD
PANASONIC Panasonic VIERA U22 42-inch TC-L42U22 1080p Flat Panel LCD HDTV : Home Theater & Audio | Dell

Sony Bravia 40 LCD
SONY CORPORATION Sony Bravia EX500 40-inch KDL40EX500 1080p LCD HDTV : Home Theater & Audio | Dell

Samsung 40 LCD
SAMSUNG Samsung Series 6 40-inch LN40C650 1080p LCD HDTV : Home Theater & Audio | Dell

Panasonic viera 42 plasma
PANASONIC Panasonic Viera S2 Series 42-inch TC-P42S2 1080p Plasma HDTV : Home Theater & Audio | Dell

I have a Sony Bravia 46’’ LCD, very good TV indeed. Thumbs up

Panasonic Viera’s have very minimal lag on game mode. Of all those TV’s it’ll be best suited for gaming.

get the sony ex400 instead of the ex500, there is less input lag. The best forum to check if a LCD is suitable for gaming is avsforum.

I got the sony kdl 40 ex400 and avs reported a 30ms delay which is like 2frames not bad.

samsung is supposedly the worse when it comes to input lag

I have a sony bravia as well and love it.
When I need a bigger tv it will be a sony.

Good info on the ex400 series.
I’ll be puttin a 32" in a custom cab I’m building later this year.

I have also a Sony but mine is v5500, i dunno how much input lag this TV has since i dont know how to measure input lag and i havent found any info anywhere else either but i find this TV pretty nice for gaming.

Anyone else who has a Sony v5500 and knows the input lag on this TV on game mode?

I have a bravia also but it’s LCD i changed it after just a normaal big one and it does fee ldifferent playing Mw2 and ssf4 with inputs is this a lag tv then or is it just because it’s lcd?

Sony Bravia TV’s are gdlk. :slight_smile:

So it’s just the feeling of a new tv then? :\

For bedroom tv/pc monitor, should i go w/ the 32" Sony EX400 or 40"?

Whatever size you think you’ll need, go one size bigger.
I have a 32" in my mancave; I want a 40".

my dad did the same thing, he wanted around a 50"…walked out with a 60" god it was a good day…i love playing games on that thing

There is a schematic, or table or reference chart as to the size of a room and how big the tv “should” be… Personally I don’t need to have effing Ryu as big as me on the wall, but if you can afford it, and it fits, go with a decent 40-47 inch tv.

So my best bets are with the panasonic or Sony TVs for gaming? I’ve read that plasma’s are excellent gaming TVs because of their better response times.

The thing that worries me about the plasma is the “burn in” if i use it for web browsing or general computer use. Although i’ve also read that its not as bad as its made out to be and its been much improved. Does anyone game on a plasma?

You’ll save a bit of cash, and avoid burn in if you go with an LCD. I’ve no experience with plasma, but it was a deciding factor in my choice to get one of the Vizio tv’s early last year.

I game on a 42" panasonic plasma.

It’s lag free and the image does retain but, as long as you play movies or things after you play the game they shouldn’t burn it. It really depends on how much you play. 4-6 hours every day? It might burn it.

also using plasma for a PC monitor is a bad idea, burn in is very likely

its really hard to burn in a plasma nowadays, you’d literally have to try on purpose. However on that note it might be more effective to get an LCD at that size. Save the plasma for bigger sets.

Just for not creating another thread, What about Monitors for Gaming? I searched on NewEgg and i got interested in a lot of ASUS monitors, Any monitor with hdmi output is ok to buy? i know about the evo monitor but that’s just outdated.

i play my xbox on a 24 inch dell monitor (was the cheapest one i found where i live) seems to be perfectly fine and is 1080p with HDMI, DVI and VGA port so im happy with it

Yeah I’ve fallen asleep with my TV on and paused and no burn in, that was an issue with earlier sets. 42 inch panasonic and it’s lag free.