TV for sale

So yeah I’m trying to sell my 32 in. flat screen, I’d figure i’d try to see if anyone here was interetsed first before I put it up on Cragislist:

It’s a magnavox

has 2 HDMI outlets

a side outlet with the normal Red white and yellow port things

i think it can go i1040 or something like that, all i know is Call of Duty 4 and Virtual Figher were looking hella bomb on it.

I bought it for 700 back in feb. It’s practicaly brand new still (maybe have used it for a total of 6 hours or something)

willing to part with it for 500 bucks obo


Is it this one? :

looks like it, it kinda sucks that it’s there for 599.99…

so i guess i’ll be looking for someone’s best offer.

I am interested in buying it.

that’s what i’m talking about let’s get this going though cause i’m super broke for like the next 3 weeks.

Oy, what’s happening with this? Is it still available?

I’m buyin it.

Yeah this is a done deal so can we get this deleted please.