TV Inputs in the rooms next year?

As much of a blast EVO was, I can’t help but be irked as to how little SSF4 I was able to play over the weekend. Once I was out of the main tournament there wasn’t much playing to be done unless I wanted to do high $ money matches or play casuals in the ballroom against randoms.

There were times when I was sitting in a room full of SF4 players but we couldn’t play anything except Super Turbo on laptops and shit. This, of course, is because of the hotel’s policy of not putting the right inputs on the TVs. I understand that this is either the hotel’s strategy to get us to pay for something or other, or…?

Either way, as long as SRK has thousands of people showing up to the hotel, I imagine we might be able to gain a certain influence over how things are run? Could someone look into this? Things are fine how they are now, its just kind of weird that we can’t play SF4 in our rooms at the biggest SF4 tournament in the world.

What kind of inputs did the have available?

i’ve heard they lag anyhow. it’s unlikely that even when renting out hundreds of rooms for EVO weekend that a hotel would go out of their way to replace the TVs in all those rooms for jsut one weekend.

i know a lot of people brought their own monitors and TV’s with them – hell, i even saw people unpacking a 42" LCD from the bed of their truck when they arrived!

bring your own tvs. they let you do that. Most hotel nowadays are going to either block off inputs they dont use, or just not use tvs that have them.

The TVS had RCA input. HDMI didn’t work.
If yours didn’t work all you had to do was call the front desk and they send someone to activate it.

the rio last year was great because they had nice big CRTVs (no lag) with the inputs available (afaik)

Could never trust the hotel TV – best thing to do is bring your own, no matter how cumbersome it is. Maybe a small flat panel pc mon with some teeny speakers.

I agree, if you’re worried at all about it, you should bring your own monitor. We got the front desk to activate our tv channel and got the ps3 working, but the screen was still a bad height for playing and we didn’t get HDMI.

It took the front desk, like, 3 hours for them to get somebody up to attach it, though.

Really not sure what the problem everyone was having but I was staying at the standard room in the forum tower and the 40inch LCD has a breakout box underneath that had HDMI and RCA inputs which worked fine with my PS3 on the RCA hookups; didnt have an HDMI cable to use but pretty sure it would have worked fine since the secondary inputs were available if you had something connected and scrolled through the channels until it hit the inputs.

What problems were you guys having exactly?

They do sell 22" monitor with HDMI input, so bring your own monitor and xbox or whatever.