TV / Monitor help

I am looking for a 22" screen to put in my arcade machine. I will be hooking a PC to it along with a ps3 & maybe a ps2, I want DVI, HDMI, & VGA connections. The size constraints are 20.5H x 25.5w maximum so I wan verry little plastic around the screen. I would like 1080p compatibility & also function properly with my PC at the 1600x1050 RES or whatever the highest sf4 will run at. I was wondering if I should go 16:9 or 16:10? All I will be playing is mame, nfba, and sf2,3,4 & remix on the playststion. Any recomendations from the great people here. Thanks in advance.

It could be i am misinformed but i do not think you can get 1080p on a 22". The max rez size is 1600 x 1050, so i don’t think you can reach the 1080 mark on that.

you are probably right, that’s why I’m posting here. I just know the max dimensions I can fit it into, and I’m open to suggestions from there. So should I do 16:9 or 16:10?

what’s better the dell e228wfp or the benq fp222wh?

If the monitor that support HDMI, they do need to have a speaker build in, in order to have sound right?

Any monitor can support any resolution, it’s just that they are really aren’t that many 22inch 1080P monitors out there. Smallest I think I saw was 32 inches, and it costs over 3000 dollars.

i could be wrong but i am pretty sure the monitors with 1920 x 1200 max resolution can support 1080p it might not be a “true” 1080p but its gonna look damn nice. most monitors that support this resolution are 24" also when looking for a monitor i would say get a samsung if you can find one at a good price… or go for an LG(i sell computers alot). those are my opinions on monitors. i faintly remember something about hdcp being a factor for getting 1080p. I hate being vague but hopefully some of this helps. I am not really a specialist or enthusiast of displays.

in concern to benq i have just a bunch of bad experiences with their products, but that was ages ago. i would avoid benq

gl with finding a monitor.

^YUP, any modern day PC monitor can do 1080p (note I said PC, not TV). Also, you really don’t need hdmi for an arcade monitor since hdmi -> dvi converters exist. Forgoing hdmi allows you to find a PC monitor, better suited for 1080p and beyond, although it’ll probably be 16:10.

What’s your budget?

I think there is an option for PC’s that allows you to use non-standard resolutions. I think the question is what video card you’re going to be using, because it’s primarily the drivers, not the hardware that determine what resolution you can use. As long as both the monitor, the card and drivers support your desired resolution it should work. For 1080P, you’re going to need DVI input.

Here’s one seller’s list of displays that meet your technical requirements. I’d recommend Nvidia graphics cards for their support of HD resolution drivers. Or Intel graphics,because their drivers are open sourced and many people use them in open DVR machines. The Intel GMA X3100 and 3500 are great onboard chips for HD video. The X4500 will be coming out soon and it will be gaming spec and fully support Blu-ray/HD-DVD.

Here is a list of the motherboards with onboard X3100 and x3500chipsets. I have not found the 4500 for sale anywhere, but it should be available by July 14th. If I were going to buy a serious gaming and video rig, I’d wait for that. :tup:

looks like I’m getting a 16:10 of monitor 22" that has DVI. The video card I have is an nvidea 7800. I will upgrade that if I have to. I want to spend like 300$ so out of what I’ve seen the dell is the 1 to get.

7800 should be more than sufficient. :tup:

Are you looking for pixel per pixel 1080P capability, or upscaling? For pixel perfect, you’ll need a 24 inch minimum. the Benq G2400WD meets your physical dimension requirements (22.0" x 17.4" x 6.7") and it’s only 100$ more than you’re wanting to spend. Perhaps you can find a used/refurbished if you don’t want to save.

was thinking of stepping up to the 24" dell its only like 100$ more than the 22" , but I am debating if 2" is worth 100$. I guess that’s up to me but what do you think is 2" and true 1080p worth an xtra 100$?

k I’m down to 2 options. 1st is get the dell 2408wfp ultrasharp plug both sources into it and get a cheap ps2 port switcher, or get the cheaper dell e248wfp and buy an expensive dvi KVM switch. The ultrasharp route is like 70 bucks more what do you guys recomend? The e series will be cheaper and switching devices will be easier, while the ultrasharp will look better but switching sources will be more inconvienent and the wiring won’t look as good. Is the picture quality of the ultrasharp worth the xtra Money and hassle?

Go with the 2408wfp. It’s $600 but it’s a much better monitor, it has an S-PVA panel in it. The e248wfp has a shitty TN screen which means worse color, worse viewing angles, and it will look like crap if you tried to TATE it.

Edit: On second thought, since the e248wfp is a TN panel, it may have less lag than the 2408wfp. Might be worth worrying about since you are playing fighting games.

the 2408 has a higher response time of 5ms so that’s not an issue. If your refering to the lag that happens when you are playing a 480 source on a HD monitor I done need to worry about that cuz both my sources will be hd digital. Except for when I play 3s in the PC. I don’t think that lag happens in this situation only on consoles. But I could be wrong. Someone who knows more than me pleas tell me if I’ll be getting video lag on either of these monitors with the setup I have planned.

Response time isn’t the same as lag. Pretty much all LCDs have some lag in comparison to CRTs, but the nicer looking LCDs tend to have more (S-IPS and S-PVA panels).

This is probably what you are looking for though, a BenQ V2400 monitor:

Appears to have absolutely no lag in comparison to a CRT, is 24", and has a DVI and HDMI input. The only snag is that the stand is not removable, which means you might have to to some trickery to get it to fit right in your machine.

hat article doesnt speak that highly of it. And I heard on here to stay away from benqs. So its definatelybetween the dells.

Here’s a better review: Plenty of other opinions on the site. Review basically says it has zero input lag (very important) and handles PS3/360 very well. Does a full 1080p, and has support for 1:1 pixel mapping on the monitor. Also upscales without lag. Can’t really get any better than that.

Either way, I wouldn’t go with the 2408WFP. If you are going to be playing a lot of fighting games, you need to minimize if not eliminate all input lag.

Well I ordered the benq v2400w from for 450 bucks. You sold me on the 0 lag, the HDMI input, and the price. Basically its all the features I wanted in the 2408 but with a better price and less lag. I joe’s the place I ordered from is good and I get the right shit and on time. Thanks for the recomendations. I might have to hack a few inches off the front of the stand but it should work fine. Thanks to everyone who helped me make this rough decision.

Man, you sold me and I’m not even in the market. But I could use a larger monitor, since I hate using dual monitors. It annoys me. I need one for MIDI production so I can edit more of my song at a time without having to scroll the screen, and record larger sections without having the screen scroll. Saves me a bunch of time going after the mouse when I should be at the (MIDI) keyboard.