TV / Monitor help

Thisthing probably has more features than you need, but it looks like it fits right along with your needs. 22’ full HD capable display with DVI and HDMI inputs and a built-in media player. It dosen’t seem to have a lot of plastic around the screen, either.

I wouldn’t get too excited about that monitor. Despite them claiming it does 1080p, the monitor really only does 1680x1050. You absolutely wouldn’t want to use a TN panel for the things this monitor has as extras anyway, like viewing photos, because TN panels have shitty color quality in comparison to the other types of LCD screens. Also at 400$ it is really overpriced for a 22" TN LCD.

Ah, thanks for the info. I’m not much of a guru on LCD/plasma. Now, CRTs on the other hand… tup:

well I got the benq v2400w. It seems to be great and it also seems to eliminate the lag of bc on the ps3 when playing ps2 games through the hdmi. Atleast it feels alot lagless than my samsung 40" LCD. I had to use my table saw to cut off half of the stand to get it into my arcade machine. But so far its great other than the virtucle viewing angle which blows goats. Both my dell and my samsung have way better wiewing angles.

Do you have pis of the cab you made.

go to picassa web albums and search I don’t have the new screen in pics up yet. Pm me your email I’ll send you a pic.