TV or HDTV ? Which one do you play on?

Hey guys,

I’m aware (like most people I hope) of HDTV lag. I own a nice 42" Philips HDTV and I did noticed that there was a HUGE lag (i’ll say something like 0,4 sec delay). I was somehow ok until last saturday where I went at some french tournament where most matches where on standard TV. That was just crazy how smooth it looked compared to my HDTV. At the point I was just disgusted of SF4 on it. I finally just repluged my old CRT TV and wow, this is like a whole new game to me : simple example, I can now do stuff on reaction (super through fireballs, Fei Long player here). It’s like I’ve been playing in slow motion for 6 months.

So I was wondering, what’s your configuration at the moment and how you felt with it

EDIT : For people not aware of what TV lag is : [media=youtube]OD0fdnmNZHc[/media]

This is the TV I got btw.

HDTV. C’mon now. GET WITH THE TIMES. No lag here.

You sure you got your consoles set up properly? You can set the display modes. Might be worth a look. I messed up my xbox settings, so when I finally got my hdtv the resolution was off and it lagged. Fixed that and was good to go.

I’ve tried almost every display mode and still could not get any decent results…

BTW, HDTV players, it’s worth the test if you can try it on an SD TV.

It’s really hard to know if you have lag unless you’ve compared with a SD TV.

At home I play on an SD TV unless I have people over, then I move my system out into my Living Room which has a 37" 720p TV in it. When I go to a friends place I play on an HD TV. My local game center has nothing but HD TVs, so when I go there I play on HD. I notice some lag on a few of the TVs at the game center, but it’s not hard for me to adjust.

Word I still have an sdtv but some hdtvs just suck like that.

HDTV, no lag.

I play on both regularily, no difference.

HDTV. It looks so much nicer (w/ the shine), and theres no lag.

Back when I used to play, Call of Duty 4, however, I played on SDTV. Noticed some lag on tv, and SDTV looked just as good anyway.

HDTV, looks nice and sharp.

I’m the first person to recognize/admit the lag in their HDtv… er in the poll, besides the op…

I noticed it when I first bought the TV. Just navigating the PS3 menu was obviously lagged. Only took a few hours to adjust to it though. I’m of the opinion that it’s not a huge deal as long as it’s the only screen I’m going to be playing on, but I could see being thrown off if I suddenly started playing on a lagless setup.

I’ll add that it’s a Westinghouse 27" LCD. If you’re interested in lagless displays, stay away from Westinghouse.

i play on a samsung hdtv and the only lag i get is from connection issues every once and a while

HDTV all day son! No lag either

Here’s a really good example on what does TV lag look like


I play on the Evo monitor that’s been proven to have zero lag through HDMI. So now I can finally play games in HD without having to worry about lag. It’s funny cuz now I can tell the slight difference in lag between my LG 40 inch HDTV and the lag free Evo monitor.

I bought a nice Sony BRavia 42" LCD mainly for SFIV(so pretty). It doesn’t lag one bit.

Funny cuz my 26" Westinghouse has no lag. I’ve tested it with Rockband and Guitar Hero (both good ways to see if your TV lags terribly) and on both games I dont have to make any adjustments to screen lag. I use HDMI if that matter also.

HD/HDMI cables! Sharpness!

To the OP, what is the model number of your TV? I know that some of the older DLP models from 4 or 5 years ago did have some lag when playing video games. Newer models shouldn’t have any issues though.

I don’t understand how there are still people who think they have lagless LCDs…