Tv output clipping

Hi everyone
A friend of mine recently aquired a dell xps m1210 with a nvidia go 7400. We got together to play and thought of trying the TV output, but we found some problems. First, the emulator wouldn’t go full screen mode in the TV screen, so we tried using one screen (@ 640x480) for both the monitor and the TV. We found out that there was a LOT of clipping, at least with animated frames.

I wouldn’t think it’s a PAL/NTSC problem since if it was that, we wouldn’t see shit (static images displayed OK). Anyone knows about this?

BTW, we were using Vista

Well there’s your problem. /smart ass.

Vista sucks ass. Use XP, or… anything other than Vista. XD

Seriously though, um… If you get clippings in 640, try 800 and see what happens. It just takes a lot of fine tuning and setting adjustments to get it right.

Vista is irrelevant, so your analogy is dumbfounded, and merely an assumption. The ONLY way Vista is to blame is if the drivers for your video card aren’t completely done, or are buggy, which is very likely /;). Try the same thing on XP, to rule that out, or first update your drivers and try again. Clipping could also be from bad cable or set up.