TV outputting not inputting?


Hoping someone with some AV knowledge can help…

I have an old Loewe Contur 1270 and for some reason it seems to be outputting and not taking an input.

If I run a rgb cable from the ps3 to the Loewe I get nothing but if I run a cable from the Loewe to another crt, the crt (not Loewe) shows whatever is on the Loewe.

The Loewe only has one input - SCART rgb

Any ideas.


Let me make sure I’m understanding what’s going on: You plug your PS3 into the Loewe, and it won’t display anything, but, while the PS3 is turned on, you plug the output jack from the Loewe into another TV, it shows the PS3 signal? If that’s the case, the tube in that older TV has bit the dust.

How about other consoles?

What cable and from what connector of the Loewe to what connector of the other TV?

You mean TV channels or whatever console is hooked up to the Loewe? Because if you say that

then it’s not clear how the Loewe gets input from the console on that connector and also output to the other TV.

More and more accurate info please.

Have tried DVD player and wii. This used to be our normal TV so it did work at some stage but I can’t remember how we had it setup

Loewe - SCART - rgb (red, white, yellow), to other crt

Yep, tv channels as the Loewe has the one input (which seems to have changed to an output)

Hope that helps :smiley:

The yellow/white/red cables isn’t RGB but composite (and audio), even if they’re plugged into the scart socket and the scart socket can be used not only as input but also as output (pin 20 is composite in, 19 out). For instance if a TV has a console hooked up through the yellow composite in jack in the front, it can output the same signal from the scart socket in the back so it can be recorded by a VCR/DVD recorder.
Anyway, if you can’t display anything that is inputted into it, then there is something wrong for sure, either a bad scart socket or bad circuitry on the TV chassis.

PROBLEM SOLVED!! SCART cables run both ways - needed an input SCART cable :smiley:

Thanks for all help