TV screen distorted + double image

*If anybody knows of a forum/messageboard dedicated to TV problems please, please let me know! I know theres forums for cameras (that deal with everything camera related. reviews, suggestions, advice, repair advice, etc) so I’m sure theres ones for TVs. I did a search and looked through dozens of results… couldn’t find any forums. I don’t know if SRK is the best place to ask but I figured that people might have had the same problems in the past so maybe they can help? :frowning:

Hello everybody. Just recently, our Sony, 62’ bigscreen tv of 6 years messed up. The color is distorted and isn’t normal. Also it has a double image. Example : Imagine 2 pieces of transparent paper, lay them over each other and move 1 paper slightly to the right… it looks like that.

My parents are thinking about hiring someone and paying a few hundred of dollars to get it fixed but before they do… I wanna know if it’s just a minor problem? Is it something we can fix on our own? or do we need a tv-proffesionalist to fix it? If so, whats a good reasonable price? your help would be greatly appreciated. We are dying here without TV, heh. honestly, it would be so much if someone had the answers

thank you

People on those boards might be able to help.

i just see two pieces of transparent paper :arazz:
i can answer one part, expect to pay at max 600-800

I haven’t dealt with a projection TV since about 1999, but at that point the TVs needed to be tuned reglularly for the most part. Otherwise this would happen, colors would get out of sync.

I’m not familiar with a way to line the colors up again yourself, but that alignment is a common procedure to be performed on a projection TV, so any repair place should know exactly what you are asking for and have a pretty standard pricing scheme for it.

I work at a TV repair place and I can tell you that your better off taking it to a repair man. If you don’t know what you’re doing then you could end up spending more money than you would. The price for big screen repair at my place is usually anywhere from 150-300$. Can’t really help you with the technicalities because all I do is lift tvs, fix cd players and handle costumers.