TV Series Thread: What's your favorite?


Well guys, I’m bored here at home and have nothing to do, so Im just curious, what are all of your favorite series’s on TV? Personally, my favorite is Spartacus. I know some of you might say all it is, is porn but Im actually a really big fan of that time in history and I always thought it had a really good story. Plus the chicks are good too. So, what do you guys have to say on this?


Were you so bored that you didn’t bother to use the search function first…pathetic.


i did, and all i saw was just stuff about individual shows and movies. instead of being a dick for no reason you could’ve easily just pointed out the link to me. but no, you sit there and try to talk down on someone new when im just trying to get into here and start talking to people who i have common interests with, fuck you asshole.