TV Show/Movie moments you couldn't stand because of real life experience


I’m talking about when your job (or just something you know a lot about) is depicted poorly enough on screen to make you want to start watching something else. Even though you know “it’s just a TV show/movie.” Hell, you might even let this type of stuff slide most times, but this moment was that bad.

I had my first real taste of this recently. Anyone who programs for a living knows that TV Shows suck at depicting it, because otherwise the boredom would make you stab yourself just to feel excitement again. I’ve known this for a while. But I recently saw the pilot episode for CSI Cyber. Ugh. I was watching for comedy, but I cracked and said “fuck it” when [details=Spoiler]Charley Koontz’s character (Fat Neil from Community, don’t know his Cyber name) was able to analyze the source code for a huge company that does surveillance software in one day and find a major bug that let the perp of the episode do what he was doing. Maybe I’m remembering details wrong, but that was the gist.[/details]
To do what he did, you have to be able to read minds. It feels like another one of those instances where they’re not even trying, and yet they built a whole series around it.

Have any of you guys had moments like that though? Please use spoiler tags if the material is really recent.




Movies do that a lot where you have to suspend your disbelief but you can’t. One example of the top of my head is Terminator Salvation, someone gets punched in the heart by a T800 which magically doesn’t kill them, then the only doctor on staff has to perform a heart transplant operation in the middle of the fucking desert. The operation went without a hitch and our patient was back on their feet within the next 5 minutes.

I know a few people who have a problem watching movies about the military and the main protagonist who is meant to be this experienced soldier doesn’t even know how to hold a gun properly.


Don’t really have anything specific besides the fact that it’s 2015(2016 in a matter of days) and gamers in media are still just people slapping controllers like idiots and manically moving their heads while looking at a screen of gameplay that doesn’t even match up.

In general my two biggest movie suspension of disbelief pet peeves are period pieces where people have perfect hygiene. Especially pirates and people in ancient times with perfectly shaved facial hair and glistening white smiles.

And period pieces in olden America where the racism is either downplayed or in the background. I’m talking shit where there are hardly any black people(if any at all) in places where there would definitely be black people either working shitty jobs or being actual slaves. And especially when they don’t use actual racial slurs and default to “negroes”.


The Big Bang Theory has an exponential number of these moments. I typically watch episodes that modified the laugh track out; the result is morbidly depressing.


CSI series in general is a major offender. It always bothered me how you have CSIs also act as forensic scientists and cops.


Oh god this show for sure. Like why would such big nerds be doing buying Alienware computers?

Even though I like the movie, Grandma’s Boy has a lot of moments where it’s unrealistic in it’s portrayal of game development. Especially at the end of the movie

Where JP steals Alex’s game and he has no proof that the game was originally his. You can’t tell me the dude didn’t have any assets or code saved on his laptop as proof. As if everything he ever worked on for the game stayed on that one single disc that had the game on it.


omg yeah, that movie had some hilarious “NO FUCKING WAY” moments. I’ve done work as a game tester. I wish it was as fun as “beat level 1 through 4 tonight”. Instead you get to do fun shit like “walk against this rock for an hour, and see if you get off the map” or “go through every menu in the game, and press right, to see if it breaks”.

But yeah, it was hilarious that not only was the one guy able to just steal a game, but the other dude literally had like no backups of the data at all?

I remember the Jamie Foxx movie Bait, dude gets a prison transfer by some law enforcement scumbag, and the e-mail he sends to the warden has high quality 3D animation, sound, pics, and more. Like, really? You just sent a 4gb attachment in that email? And this was back in the 56k days, too. And all the email was supposed to do was tell the prison warden to transfer a prisoner. I remember it bugged me a hell of a lot, when I was back in high school.


Black-ish, it just felt wrong. Granted i only watched partial to one episode, but i couldn’t feel it at all. My girlfriend felt the same way about Fresh off the boat, although her reasoning was more clear “i really had to deal with this shit”.


Generally anything that involves video games in movies and tv shows put me off. Almost every time I see the medium brought up at all they manage to get something completely wrong or make it really cringe-worthy. A lot of times its both.


paranormal activity mimicked a bunch of shit that happened in my house growing up


Home Alone was all sorts of bullshit.

If only they showed Kevin using a hand saw to cut wooden planks, screwing in bolts into the wall to attach string to them, struggling to bring up a tool chest up the stairs, cause who keeps one in the bedroom?


Most definitely. In the Charlie’s Angels movie shown two kids playing Final Fantasy 8 as a two player game.


home alone 2 was worse…how do you get lost in ny?


Cause it’s huge? And kids can get lost in a department store?


kids dont get lost in stores…they run away and play games. its only lost when the parents cant find them. every kid knows they can go to a cashier and have them go on a loud speaker if need be.


Home alone pisses me off as an adult because the burglars could have just iced him at any time


Like this?


This is in Comics but It annoys me when writers use schizophrenic or schizoid to describe dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality disorder).


That used to irk me too…until I had to do some cheesy skit for my school. I know I’m not anywhere near a professional actor, but it’s difficult remembering to “act” and also basic combos in a fighting game. In fact, it’s kind of hard to do combos without my usual queues.

Maxamillion is more experienced actor and even he slaps his stick stupidly in those Assist Me videos he made.