Tv Shows as Fighting Games [Breaking Bad]

Maybe I’ll do more of these if I can recuperate from all this pixel art. :zzz:

Holy shit!
That’s awesome.

Do Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia!!! Green man assist!

oh wow, you’re the guy that did the alex / guile skit on the SF collab (and alot of other recent stuff), right?

Good shit :lovin:

I would seriously shit my pants.
Such a good idea.

man I really need to catch up on that show. I was almost considering doing The Wire with an Omar vs Brother Mouzone fight.

Yeah dude that was fun to do…maybe it was a bit slow, I dunno…glad people liked it though. I have an idea for a Q animation…maybe I’ll finish that one someday.

really good work buti don’t watch the show so i kinda don’t get it.

Holy shit this is amazing! Aside from Breaking Bad the only other shows I watch are Dexter and Hell’s Kitchen so I’m going to recommend those.

come on, spartacus is a shoe-in!

Nicely done, Sir.

“Heroes” would be a good jojo’s bizarre adventure fighting game scene

Malcolm in the Middle would be pretty funny. Since everybody in that is always fighting anyway.

Sesame Street?

Some Soap Opera? Retro Cartoon? Happy Tree Friends? Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show? New Reporters such as FOX or something?? Jerry Springer? Lost? House?

All the TV hosts from mainstream tv shows, call it Mainstream Televsion Fighters

Damn this is badass. Saving it in my wallpaper folder. Hank and Tuco are probably gonna be top tier.