Tv shows you slept on or were just late finding out about


House: I know, as much time as SRK spent talking about this show and as much as I’m on here, I always thought it was a music thread and disliking techno (especially after SF Alpha 3’s soundtrack direction), I stayed the hell away from that thread. Found out about House at the beginning of the 3rd season. Thankfully, USA reruns brought me up to speed. I’m a little pissed that one of the hottest damn women I’ve seen on tv is leaving the series.

Ben 10 (any season where Ben’s not some big-headed tyke with an annoying voice): Catching up (would be easier people would post more torrents of collected C_P tv rips instead of bloated dvdrips)

Generator Rex: Found out about it 2 eps into season 2 one Friday night just sitting there staring at nothing with the tv on CN (I’ve been avoiding CN since they started with kiddy-esque, gross-stuff-4-teh-laffs crap like Chowder and Flapjack. I like my toons semi-serious.)

Being Human (UK version, not the current US knockoff): Found out about it when someone posted a synopsis of the 6th ep in season/series 2.


Fringe: Saw some ads and thought “Looks ok” then I saw a season 3 episode and thought “Why the hell didn’t I start watching sooner?!” So I’m still a bit behind, catching up slowly.


Big Bang Theory. I watched the entire series in the last month and I’m all caught up now. I wish I had discovered it sooner and now I can’t wait for the next season.


Dragon Ball Z a long long time ago
Firefly a while ago
Breaking Bad more recently






Anyway, Modern Family. Watched some episodes with a friend a few months ago and was surprised to learn that the show is actually really good.


Got into Lost after season 5 had already aired. Haven’t finished 6…Not as good.

Supernatural was already in its 3rd season when I started watching it with Future-wife. Favorite show ever.

Prison Break had already been over for a year or two when we watched it. Outstanding show.


Supernatural is one of my favorite shows of all time at this point, and I got into it really late… probably around Season 3 or so. There are early episodes I still haven’t seen.

Seinfield-- I never watched when it was “new”, but I’ve been checking out the old repeats on a regular basis now.

Nikita-- I just got hooked on this one a few weeks ago…of course the smokin’ hot broads on the show caught my attention, then I started to care about the story. Anytime you put Melinda Clarke on a show, you got me, basically. I can’t resist that. On top of that, there’s that younger girl in Division— Aleksandra(?) and of course… the big-headed but still oddly attractive/hittable Maggie Q. (*it’s also funny to watch as this “borderline midget” asian girl actually beats up a room full of guys occasionally in this show.)



There were two people who would reference the show constantly in normal conversation. At the time I found it highly annoying. After not having contact with them, Comedy Central began syndicating the show. I now love every episode except the musical one.


Sons of Anarchy
The Shield
The Wire


-The Wire
-My little pony friendship is magic, lol.
-CSI (Las Vegas)
-The Office (UK)


This was last year…but the wire. watched all 5 seasons in like 2 weeks.

Sons of Anarchy, just starting to watch it now…i thought it was a new show hahaha.

that’s all i can really think of…most shows i find out after the first season is done. No more than after 3 are done though.


The Wire, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Mad Men, The Office, 30 Rock are all shows i got into late.

Shows I want to watch but want to start from the beginning: Sons of Anarchy, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Spartacus.


Beast Wars - shunned it during its original run because i thought it was stupid (omg optimus prime isnt a gorilla!!!111) but picked it up when the dvd’s came out and quickly became one of my favorite shows ever.


that 70s show. ( i never knew how gorgeous mila kunis is)
pawn stars
ive been tuning in to alot of travel channel lately, so that goes for man vs food, andrew zimmern, and ghost adventures


Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job… this show is weird as shit but I like it for some reason… don’t judge me…


Beast Wars? Really?

Just kidding. I own the series on DVD. I have a bunch of MISB TM and TM2 toys. Depth Charge, Optimal Optimus, etc. BW was the strongest incarnation of TF, IMO.


Off the top of my head:

George Lopez(ABC)…started liking it AFTER it was canceled.
Supernatural…late into the 2nd season.
Law and Order SVU…whenever Ice T jumped on board.
Law and Order CI…whenever the Black DA left.
NCIS…when Ziva showed up.
Ultimate Fighter…this season.
The Shield…after the 4th season.


Yeah, House is one of them. My friend i used to hang out with kept on bringing it up since she’s studying molecular life sciences, and she knows that i’m totally not into medical shows (for some reason i did watch Strong Medicine) but insisted on me checking it out. I told her i’ll check it out whenever blabla, but never did…until i was flipping channels one evening and noticed a cynical doctor making some harsh remarks. For some strange reason i was hooked, not knowing it was House until i looked up the tv programming. Lol, she was right.

I rarely watch tv so i wouldnt know what i’m missing out on anyways.

Guess i could list:

Big Bang Theory
My name is Earl
Cheers (yes i’m very late with this one)


Luther…I think? Not sure how old it is, lol, but its outstanding. Can’t wait for the 2nd season!


Same here! That show seriously needs more exposure. I’ve been advertising that shit like I’m getting paid to do it, lol.