TV Speaker Issues

Recently, I’ve been having some weird issues with my TV speakers, in conjunction with my PS2.

It doesn’t seem strange at first, just a case of speakers dieing: randomly during gameplay, the volume output will drop drastically and the sound will get very distorted.

Whats weird is that, in addition to randomly doing it, it also does it a specific times in various games - when a match starts in MVC2, when a battle starts in Romancing SaGa, during any Quickening chains in FF12 to name a few.
It also only affects games. So far, I can listen to CDs and watch DVDs on the PS2 with no issues.

I’ve checked the AV cable countless times; tried a different AV cable; tested the console on a different TV, on which it worked fine - so the problem isn’t in the console.

Any electrically-gifted people have any ideas of what might be up? And more importantly, what can be done to fix it? Its about 2 years old, the TV, and its one of those “old fashioned” ones; i.e. not LCD or plasma or whatnot.

Thanks in advance.

This is a long shot but your TV might out-put sound in mono. If this is so, setting the game to stereo will cause sound loss in some areas.

Its a stereo TV, and I’ve played on it with stereo for two years… but I’ll try anyway, maybe it will help a bit. Thanks :slight_smile:

No difference :frowning: