Tv Tray Arcade Stick?


I saw it in the custom stick thread, and I’m setting my current stick on a tv tray just like that and the idea looked wonderful, but I have no idea how to make that. I was wondering if anyone knew? Or could run me through the basics? I’m a noob about all of this stuff.


If you’ve read guides about how to build a custom stick with a wooden case (on or something), then building a stick on a TV tray isn’t really that far off. You’d basically be replacing the case with the TV tray. You just drilling holes on it, hooking up the parts, and taping parts to the bottom or something.


I’ve seen one online once. It was pretty nifty. Basically just drill out the holes as though the tray table were your control panel, mounting the buttons and stick into the surface.

Since the tray table would not be an enclosed box, you’ll have to decide how to mount the pcb in such a way as to avoid your legs scraping up against it. A project box is the simplest solution i can think of.

good luck