TV turns off by itself

i have a Panasonic 54" projection TV.
i was watching TV and my TV just turned off. i go to turn it back on and it wont turn on. however when i unplug the TV and plug it back in it will turn on for about 5 seconds then turn off. then the power led light will blink 3 times.
does anyone know how to fix this problem?

Sounds like paranormal activity.

Call the Ghostbusters…

sounds like either an overheating problem or your bulb is fried

sounds like the bulb might be dying. >_< i don’t have one so I’m just speculating

i know my bulb isnt fried becuase when the tv does turn on for 5 seconds the sound and the picture works

Here’s someone with the same problem: Fixya link

It looks like the “convergence ICs” are dead and need replacement.

There should be something in the TV manual that explains what the blinking led light before the TV turns on means.
For example for my TV 2 blinks is the bulb is dying/needs replacement. And 3 something that I can’t remember right now. lol.

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Dude… I posted a link to a description of your problem and a diagnosis.