TvC at Frosty Faustings - Chicago, Dec 28-29

Hi, I know not too many people check this forum anymore, but I am going to be bringing TvC to Frosty Faustings this year, and I wanted to get the word out. We could run a side tournament if there is enough interest, otherwise feel free to stop by for casuals, money matches, or just if you want to learn the game. Sound off if you’re interested.

Man if I had known anybody was going to play TVC, I totally would’ve went to this. If you are going next year, I’d totally be down to go. I wouldn’t even care if a tournament didn’t get ran, playing casuals is more than enough. Nice to see you still posting here man, it’s good to see an old name around here. :slight_smile:

So anybody played?

Ahhh GREAT! Thanks so much! I love TvC!

no prob! check out the Facebook group if you’re on there, that’s where I got the vid. usually they update stuff.