TvC Buddies


If this this forum is still breathing…

Could anyone please respond and give out freind codes remember this is 2011, so most of those codes may not exist already posted, and on the othe side both player MUST trade friend codes, to make the connection official.

Q:Who the @#$%! plays the Wii in 2011?

A:Me, and lots of other who own Mario Kart Wii lol.
I also play Street Fighter 2 CE on Virtual Console with my stick.
Mostly I’m trying to pick up my skills on a stick, starting off with TvC and SF2CE.

Q:Why should I respond?

A: Well, It’s a forum. Also, I 'd like to add I’m serious I’m not selling or trashing my Wii to run to
SS4AE or UMvC3, I originally played SSF4 on PS3 and loved it. But why not TvC? I admit I hate rushdown but hey the learning curve still…

Q: Who the @#$%! are you again?

A: I’m YSIRZ a fighter fan, and stick noob/game developer… to be short YSIRZ…

Q: Are you a pervert?

A: Ehh, are you?

Q: Where do I post my freind code?

A: Um, in the reply you post…if you want.