TvC Canada Unite


I didn’t see a thread and I say it deserves its own.

Calling all TvC players in Toronto. Who the hell has this game?
(NON-Torontonians can talk here too) I’m tired of playing the CPU all the time.

Let’s gather up so that we can compete Internationally.
I heard, they are taking this game seriously in US so let’s not fall behind.
I hate falling behind like Guilty Gear.

I live in Scarborough area and has access to a car so name a place so that we can play.

As a treat, here is a combo i found out:



We play TvC in Waterloo and Sauga. I think someone has a setup in hamilton too?


I just got a wii to play this game.


Russel, you’ve gotta come dethrone me, I’m getting cocky thinking I’m the best TvC player in Canada, when I think mtrann66 or Rey could both be. I’m sure you’re better than us all, come to sauga!!!


Oh, don’t worry. I got Daimou and Casshern to do that.
Sure, I’ll meet with you guys if time permits me.

I also saw a few matches from you guys. Pretty nice.
Keep em coming



I totally agree with this.

glove slap


Gerjay and his Red Ranger air combo into 360 grab super reset can go to hell. :stuck_out_tongue:


lol that’s a sweet combo. megacrash or take 10k damage.


How are you guys playing it? I really want to get into TvC but whats the best/cheapest way to do so in Canada?


You need the following:
The Game (Import it)
I hacked (not chipped) my Wii
SD Card (for hacking)
SD Card Reader (for hacking)

I’d say, just ebay the game. Ebay it from somebody within canada so you get a somewhat modest shipping. Get some arcade sticks while your at it.



We’re using PS2->GC adapters and mainly HRAPs here


Ah fuck that looks to be a little pricey. how difficult is the Wii to hack? Excluding the wii, how much does the rest of the materials usually run?


I got it modded at a place and the price ranges from 60-90 I believe, based on what chip you need.

Otherwise you can go the SD route, and all you need is twilight princess but then you’ll have to purchase the game from ebay/play asia.

And yeah, the game is serious in the States, pretty sure NY wants to be the best at the game, so they’ve been playing a lot. We’d have to practice pretty seriously to keep up with them.

Edit - Russel, I wanna see a good Daimao in action. I really wanted to play him but gave up after I couldn’t figure him out.


tsk tsk tsk, modded WII. LOL
I had a friend from Japan send me the game so that was great.

Sorry I meant, Ippatsuman. I’ve been exclusive to Casshern and Ippatsuman. Maybe Chun-Li as well.



lol… there’s quite a big difference between ippatsuman and daimao :stuck_out_tongue: Your chars are beastly!


Sauga, Hamilton and Loo are too far for me. Ill liek to meet up with people in Toronto thats TTC accessible.


Russel, how TTC accessible is your place? Since it’s in Scarborough it can’t be that bad right?

Also, does anyone know if a team of Souki/Casshern would work? I’ve seen videos of the two of them individually but never of them together, so I’m not sure if they would work well together.


I dunno… does the assist help you combo something you normally wouldn’t be able to? If so then yes.

There’s isn’t much to say about team synergy in this game yet, since most DHC’s aren’t safe and most assist calling is pointless, especially since damage that assists take is permanent.

That said… two characters are clearly the best. And I’ll be playing them :stuck_out_tongue:

PS - Casshern is awesome.


Actually it just occured to me, does anyone know if this game has come out in Korea? My parents are visiting there now and their coming back at the end of this week, would I be able to send them out for a hunt?


You can try getting the “Asian” version of TvC in Korea, or there may be a chance some stores having the Japanese version.