TvC Capcom characters in MvC3?

MvC3 mentioned the returning cast of MvC2 along with some new faces, but what about the capcom characters in TvC?

Frank West was rumored to make an appearance, but I’m curious to what you guys think about the other cast as well. In case you don’t know I’ll quickly elaborate on each one (except for Ryu, Morrigan, and Chun-Li who are already confirmed).

Alex - From the SF3 series, he’s a grappling character in a vs game that was very successful. Perhaps it was the pace of the game that suit the character. I’d think he fit well with the MvC3 cast as the main grappler. He was mainly good because he maneuvers better and has better mix-ups than the stereotypical grappler.

Batsu - Representing the dormant Rival School series, he’s the in-your-face brawler kind of character. Very strong and nasty up close and has a projectile to support mid-close distance pressure. He’s a pretty cool character.

Frank West - Character in the game that relied the most on shenanigans. The main character of Dead Rising has a lot of special moves that are useful for the situational role they play in. He plays similarly to Jill in MvC2 in his ability to summon zombies on the stage, but he has a lot of other tools that make him unique as well. A fun character, but difficult to use well.

Megaman Volnutt - There are at least more than 5 Megamans I think in the Megaman universe, and volnutt is the one from the Legend series. I highly doubt that there WON’T be a megaman character but for the sake of it, I’m putting this guy on the list for now. Right now, his gameplay style is kind of taken up by Ameterasu, as both of them have the ability to switch styles (volnutt switches guns, Ameterasu switches elements).

PTX-40A - The giant of capcom’s side is one of the vital suit mechs from Lost Planet. He’s the one I want most in MvC3, but I want him as a normal character. Probably won’t happen, but I’m keeping my dream alive :(.

Roll - Infamous girl who established her own tier in MvC2. She proved to be much more versatile in this game as she was redone completely in TvC. Not sure about her cute appearance might not fit the current “dark” and “cool” theme of MvC3.

Saki - One of the better keep-away characters in the game. Saki is apparantly a character of this Japanese only quiz show game. Had the ability to set different bullets to her gun and fire it for different situations. A refreshing alternative to the constant beam spam keep away that makes Cable and Iceman so strong in MvC2.

Soki - Heavy hitter from the onimusha series. Kind of the slow guy with the long reach and some super armor capabilities. Simple character for the most part with some deep tricks.

Viewtiful Joe - One of the smaller characters in the game. He’s kind of brings a unique style to the idea of combo-oriented characters. He has a few gimmicks but still remains to be a pretty solid character. Not to mention, he’s viewtiful!

Zero - From the Megaman X series. Mainly the fast high-pressure combo character of the game. Highly favorable character among fans and one of the stronger characters of the game.

So yeah, any characters from the TvC realm that you want in there? Or any that you think WILL be in there? Just for discussion really.

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Viewtiful Joe is pretty much confirmed, and reusing character models/sprites is a staple is versus games anyway, I wouldn’t deny be surprised if some other characters show up from that series.

Batsu isn’t going to be in.

I see Zero and Roll being in, tho.

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Give Saki an air hyper with fast recovery that you can tk into.

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