TvC CGoH and UAS chat room on IRC!

Join us in #srkTVC on EFnet using mIRC to talk anything TvC. Matchmaking with other players for online play in UAS, or help us with the production of community content like tutorial videos.

get mIRC here:

Join any EFnet server.

type /join #srktvc

This is gonna be awesome.

FC exchange is gonna go down for hours like it did with me when I was in brawl.

You walk outta chats with like 30+ FC’s if your good.

When its out, we’ll make a friend code directory along with regions so you can friend people who live close enough to play. We gotchu covered.

Oh yes that sounds nifty cant wait.

all day. eeevareday. =D

Well that’s assuming the game’s online mode even uses friend codes.

Is there an online game for the Wii that doesn’t ?

Just joined the channel. Hopefully I’ll see you all in there soon.

It’s so empty right now @_@…
even on the night of the release…

24 people in there as we speak. Not sure you are in the right place.

do people use this chat? because whenever i go its always empty.

Im getting this too. Not one person is on.

It’s got people in it but it’s an idle party.

i was in it for a couple hours. Most people just sit idle.

Most discussion is either late night (11pm-4am) or late evening (7-9pm) EST.

Its 8:43 and it shows not one person. I must be doing something wrong.

How do I get this to work? I selected EFnet in the options, now I type /join #srktvc in the little box and it says “you are not on a channel”. Could someone please advise me ?

Make sure you are connected to the EFnet server. Simply selecting an EFnet server does not connect you. You must hit the connect button.

Kenin- we have had a minimum of 20 people in there, as high as 50, so if you are not seeing us, you are probably on the wrong server. Try a different EFnet server.

Also, if some of you guys are too lazy to download mIRC, use Mibbit.

It’s lonely in this channel.