TVC coming to America


Can’t fucking wait.


nice! guess i gotta fire up the wii and start practicing on the import now to keep up with the American competition.


Does anyone notice the new interface it has? Green lifebars, names displayed above and below said lifebars, and different graphic for the super meter.


I wouldn’t have expected that in a thousand years honestly!
I’m so damn hyped right now :smiley:


gotta wipe the dust off my Wii and bring out my old Mas Arcade stick haha


Hey, you got a good eye! Even the font for the timer is different.

I smell the possibility of this as a 1.5 release before Japan gets a full-fledged sequel. Hopefully we’ll get a couple of extra characters/stages/options/modes/even nicer graphics out of the deal! You know… before Japan gets the motherload of new content in a possible Tatsunoko vs. Capcom 2!

I’m really excited to see this project come into fruition now. The release date couldn’t come any faster as far as I’m concerned!


Glad I held out on getting an import. I’m down for purchasing this.


All I care about is online play. I really hope they do consider it.


The full article says that the developers are considering adding online for the English release, yes.


has larger scans that show off new artwork and character names/hud translated!


I paid like 75 bucks to import this game when it was released back in December (if I am not mistaken).
I have no reason to buy it again (getting the US version would still be an import for me) and still there’s no word about a PAL version.

They SHOULD add online play and only then I would consider buying the game a 2nd time.
The question is if they can add such a new feature to the game…
Most of the times the publishers just localize the game, right?
Does even hoping for online support make sense?


How much is there to localize for a fighting game? It’s not like it’s a JRPG or anything with loads of text.


I was just saying in the other thread, I really hope this release clears up a lot of the dumb misconceptions about TvC. It’s a really fun game, and more competitive than people want to give it credit for.


My problem with all of the hype surrounding this ad is the fact that no one has been able to tell me what page the article is on. I actually have the latest issue of Nintendo Power and I’ve yet to see this ad.


This better have some upgrades. There are MANY glitches and balance issues which could be fixed.

Come on Capcom, I want to see PTX’s 2A combo into itself.


I’m still going to be playing the Japanese version so for my own selfish sake I hope they don’t change too much shit in case I end up playing the US version at some point (likely). On the other hand, I could deal with them fixing a little bit of bullshit. OTG infinites are some bullshit for example, and even though I use them, I’d rather they weren’t there. Also the screen ratio combo discrepancies are really dumb, so maybe that could come out.


What issue is it? According to the scans, it’s from the July 2009 issue, page 46.


this. :pray:


Heh, make Lightan better!


Even though I don’t buy games for Online Play alone, the possibility of Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom: UAS with the feature is exciting especially for a majority of those who enjoy playing against each other in cyberspace. Plus it would be nice to see a few more characters in the roster, as well.

Tatsunoko characters such as Samurai Pizza Cats and Hikaru Ichijyo[A.K.A. Rick Hunter from Robotech (in addition to a “Macross Island” Stage)] would be nice. :slight_smile:

For Capcom: Sakura, Ayane (from Power Stone), and maybe Ladd (from Bionic Commando).