TvC dead?

Hey guys,

Even with MvC3 on the shelves, I still enjoy playing TvC, it’s such a well-made, and fun experience.

Are many people still playing? This section of the forum seems a bit inactive.

I’m an Australian player happy to give someone a game, I’d be interested in knowing out of those who still play what character combinations are popular right now, I know the community never really got around to formulating tier lists.

I still play every now and then whenever I get really bored.

There’s still people playing online, usually only around 10-15 though. I peep every so often to see if there’s any recent discussion, but there is none so I normally don’t bother. TvC just sort of dropped off here…

I’d play you but I don’t know if it will be feasible without a total lag-out seeing how I’m in the Atlantic North region of the U.S.

Yeah, wouldn’t work, unless you just wanted to do it for laughs (PTX v. Lightan?) lol.

It’s a shame that TvC hasn’t found more of a following here on SRK, given the forums long affiliation with Capcom you’d think the game would have received more support.

It is on the Wii…

As soon as MVC3 was announced…many TvC players said fuck it and jumped ship.
It was inevitable.

… and?

2D fighters are distinctly Japanese and a ton of Japanese games are Nintendo exclusive.

Problem there being that the Wii didn’t have an established fighting game community outside of Smash Bros. You’re asking people to get a product which they’d have to buy a new stick with the game, or even a Wii for certain players. I loved tatsunoko but the financial investment for me (since I didn’t own a wii) was too much.

O.k, I get that .I already owned a Wii when TvC hit, I didn’t have to add the cost of the game on top of the console and I can see why that would put someone off getting into the game.

Smash Bros. isn’t a fighting game, it’s a vs. platformer at the most.

As far as fighters go on the Wii, there are a couple of outstanding fighting games other than TvC.

The main fighter I play on the Wii is not actually TvC, rather Guilty Gear XX Accent Core +

The problem was shitty online play plain and simple. Too bad because its my favorite fighter ever.

i know i abandoned tvc when mvc3 came out but after umvc3 i started to hate it
i still love tvc great sound track, presentation, and very colorful. i honestly like tatsunoko more than mvc3.
baroque, megacrash, better air exchange mechanic, the character tag in, it’s not as easy as mvc3…wesker doom players i’m looking at you.
it was just a better fighting game, i haven’t had nearly as much fun with mvc3 as with tatsunoko

Yeah, the online was admittedly terrible, but I put that down to Wii more than the game, the Wii was designed with online as an afterthought, it’s essentially a beefed up last gen console and it shows.

Poor online doesn’t completely kill something for me though, no one plays some of my favourite fighters online, and even the fighers I play that do have active online communities are a bit of a joke. Good for some practice, but ultimately a waste of time compared to finding an opportunity to play local.

It was further from MvC2 than MvC3.

MvC3 being released only a year after is part of what killed it IMO

Agreed lol i learned more about tvc after one sit down with other players than i ever did fighting lag online. Im still on the look out for tournaments i know they pop up at anime conventions here and there.


I believe Jwong’s negative comments killed TvC.

what did he say about it?

id play it if it wasnt on the wii, LOVE TATSUNOKO though speed racer not being in is a fucking travesty

hmmm I’d have to look for it. I just remember him saying something pretty neg about him. There was another dude too that said the something along the same lines also. I believe it was posted on the boards once upon a time ago.

A few hardcore fighter fanatics didn’t like that Capcom went with 2 v 2 rather than 3 v 3, a few people were rather disappointed that it didn’t use as many buttons as some games, in saying that though, the game has a lot of depth which people would have realised if they actually sat down and played it.

Honestly, MvC3 killing of TvC is weak, they are very different games, I think people just fail to see them as such. That’s like the idea of MvC killing off SFIV. Honestly for anyone that doesn’t want to learn it because they feel it will be too similar to MvC, they are quite different games.

The biggest flaw with TvC, apart from being on the Wii, which seems to bother some people, was that anyone using the Wii Mote can just Herpaderp any combo in the game, and the game wasn’t boxed with a fight stick or even a classic controller. It NEEDS to be played with a classic controller/gc controller/fight stick, otherwise the inputs are simplified to Smash Brothers levels of hit the special button while pointing the analog stick in a certain direction. So if you do pick it up, do so with a proper controller.