TvC dead?

Does it need to be boxed with it? I already had a classic controller and the were selling the TvC stick for like 50 bucks if I’m remembering correctly.

I’ve got a Madcatz TvC stick, and I already owned two classic controllers at that point, I don’t play the Wii with the remote whenever I can avoid it. It didn’t have to be, but I can see how people who didn’t have much knowledge of fighting games might have thought it was a cheap rip-off if they only had the Wii mote controls.

Yeah same with me I think I just started using the nun chuck when my classic controller broke and games weren’t the same. I just wish the Wii wouldn’t force the nun chuck on people it’s should be a choice. I think the only thing smash got right is being able to use the nun chuck classic & game cube controller.

I play some smash on my fight stick, I’m not a smash fan though outside of using it as a fighting game alternative with no fighting game playing friends, it’s good for laughs, not to be taken seriously.

The fact the Wii Mote + Nunchuck combo (which most Wii owners rely on) in TvC forced you into using a simplified control scheme was a huge design flaw IMO, you couldn’t even change the settings to allow you use standard controls, you needed to use a different controller to properly experience the game. That was a mistake.

yeah I think the 3 button was enough. To ad that stupid simple mode or w/e it was called was just plain silly. Once again I’ll bring up smash since you can use all 3 controllers however, there aren’t different modes for different controllers. Also just because you don’t take smash seriously doesn’t mean others don’t. It’s serious bidness with a pretty legit scene.

Yeah I know, and I’ve demolished a lot of serious Smash players, I’m not claiming to be the best in it but there is so much god-damn luck in that game.

You get counter-picked more than other games I’ve played and it’s really designed for 4 players, not two, which is hard to manage in a tournament as you get ganged up on. 2 v 2 team battles are o.k, but even then, that game is way too friggen random with the smash ball floating in… item drops etc.

I’d say TvC would be considered the successor to MvC1 rather than something near MvC2.

Not really, TvC has nothing close to the sheer insanity and brokenness of MvC1 (Duo Team shenanigans).

If anything, MvC3 plays closer to MvC1 (despite being 3v3) due to certain factors: mostly nerfed tri-jumps, the need to protect assists, ToD shenanigans.

If there’s anything I’d compare TvC to, it would be MvSF.

There’s not that much luck in the game. I know t here’s tripping but other than that it’s not dependent on luck at all. It’s mostly based on your characters options and limiting your opponents options in a given situation. MK is the best because he has the best options in the most situations. Also you can be serious about something and still suck at it.

The game requires a set of skills somewhat familiar to someone that plays fighting games, but ultimately it’s quite different. I find it either easy or cheap, even against the best opposition, and dislike the randomness of it. I’m sure dedicated Smash players at the top of their game would beat me, I have been playing it for laughs since the 64 though and understand the meta. I’m quite good at it and have won a tournament before, I just don’t rate it. I consider it more like a platform game in which you happen to verse other players rather than a fighter.

That’s cool man different strokes for different folks however, at the end of the day it’s still a fighter.

It wasn’t cheap enough and now everyone’s whining that UMVC3 is too cheap. LOL. I remember the pre release MVC3 thread and everyone was saying “man GTFO with that mega crash/burst shit that better not be in MVC3 or I’m not buying, it better be 3 on 3 fuck dat 2v2 NOISE!”

I like cheap games so I have to go with UMVC3 over TvC. I tried getting into TvC but it being on the Wii and there just not being anything really cheap or interesting like the older Marvel games (no real nasty situations, lack of assists being relevant, no 3 on 3, you can get out of combos etc.). The game was too new school for me. I like UMVC3 because it goes back to the old days where shit was stupid and you just had to use your spacing and ingenuity to deal with shit.

Yeah there’s XF but honestly casuals wouldn’t play the game if there was no XF cuz they would lose two people and give up. There’s no tutorial mode like there’s going to be in Skullgirls (or the ability to play as one really strong character or 2 stronger characters) so they know the average player is going to need a knee jerk upperhand if they lose early to still have fun.

Just couldn’t get into TvC. It looked like a good game on its own but it just looked boring to me.

I think it depends there was some pretty nasty stuff in the game and the getting out of combo’s wasn’t a get out of jail free card either. The game had some pretty ridiculous stuff in it It was also pretty balanced given what you can do with the game. My biggest problem with this game is the giants. Instead of having the giants they could of added some more characters. TvC had a lot of cool feature and if explored further could of been really sick.

A lot of the stuff in MVC3 was taken from TvC obviously but then Capcom just kind of jumped the shark with MvC3. The lack of 3 v 3 isn’t really important. They did however, scale back the assist too much to the point where their only use was basically to extend combos.


Assists are incredibly relevant, you need to use them to be successful, you can’t afford to ignore assists. Lack of decent assists completely kills some characters.

It has a fair bit of depth execution wise, team moves are very important, and a few mechanics such as baroque give it longer combo strings and find a happy mid-ground between SF and MvC.

Honestly MvC would be better if it had Mega Crash like TvC, it would stop players getting happy birthday’d as much due to what I can only imagine are unforeseen combos/loopholes in execution strings.

It’s a shame this game didn’t last…I like it much more than MVC3. I think it being on Wii was a huge factor. I honestly could imagine it being played still (of coarse a much smaller following than MVC3) if it was on PS3/360.

TvC is on the ps3/360 it’s called mvc3.

What “serious” Smash players keep items on?

2/10, actually got me to reply.

From the people I talked to about TvC the assists they said the assists don’t seem to share as much importance as they do in MVC3. Even if they are important the fact that there’s just not as large of a pool of assists to choose from especially with the game being 2v2 based…just not as interesting IMO.

MvC would not be bettter if it had Mega Crash because honestly people would be more up in arms about that then they would about the XF. People screamed up and down to make sure there was no break out of combos mechanic so shoving it back in the game would just make people complain more. The people who do play MVC3 seriously play it because there is no break out system. Capcom would have maybe thought to put one in if the idea wasn’t almost completely rejected by anyone who was awaiting the game. There just would have been too much drama so they decided to add XF instead which gets you back in without relying on a system that breaks up guaranteed situations (getting put in a combo). It’s Capcom’s priority to put some type of “nullify bad situation” stuff in all their games and that was probably the only way they could do it without a backlash about burst systems.

A Mega Crash system wouldn’t really stop some of the damage you take from happy birthdays but inevitably you have to be good at making assist calls so you don’t get 2 for oned in the first place. It plays like the old games where the first mistake you make carries on to the end (minus XF but it’s Capcom so hey).

What they should have done was make it so the assists don’t take as much damage on hit. For some crazy reasons the assists take like double the damage on hit and I really don’t understand why at all. I don’t see any strategic purpose that presents where catching in assist can usually mean the assist dies right there or the next time they get hit.

OMFG how did I not catch that. I just read serious smash & didn’t expect him to bring up items.

@DJ remember that MegaCrash cost two meters so you can bait it and punish. You can also mega crash in response and keep the advantage. It’s not as though megacrash owns your soul. It’s easy to pick up on when someone is going to megacrash and when to bait it. It’s just something different which also cost two meter.