TvC European Friend Codes


It is too bad the other thread has only US players. So I’m starting a new one for european players.
I need your nick, your nation and offcourse your FC If you want to be added to the list.

Klarkus 4898-7384-2674

World! 2321 7605 6495

Raaawk 0389-0251-4726


I posted this in that actual thread…i was going to do this :slight_smile:

I’ll add mine inabit when i go on the wii

Klarkus 4898-7384-2674



World! 2321 7605 6495


Thanks for updating juice :slight_smile: Surely there are more European players out there!? I will add you guys later


There has to be more EU players. They only need to find this topic =).


Because we are from Europe this wont get stickied like the american one…doesnt seem fair does it?


Why do you get your own friend code thread? Put yours in the sticky thread like everyone else.