Tvc evo hype train

Not gonna name names, all I’m gonna say is if you weren’t there you fucked up.

Also I really want to see those pics so post up your favorite pics of us with nitsuuma or, you know, text messages.

Not going to name names FUCK YOU!!! lol You make it chicago already?? Oh and give me your number I’ve always wanted one of those long ass japanese numbers. lol

Thank you TvC hype crowd for yelling BUTTSEX when I do Batsu grabs :slight_smile:

TVC HYPE TRAIN WAS EPIC, gonna upload the pics on my facebook & myspace!!!
I ate lunch with yourmother :rofl:
sucks that I didn’t make it out of pools, but at least I eliminated Royal & K Beast in teams!!! Hanging out with mostly all the TVC COMITTED players was worth the EVO trip
TVC Casuals room was also EPIC,
never got a chance to play yourmother :rofl:
since I’m moving soon, i want to host a TVC tournament, gotta talk to Edward about it though,
I want it to happen in Moreno Valley!!! the Last TVC tournament was there, but its not gonna be Play N Trade again, (friend’s Garage)

Good times were had at EVO!

RoyalFlush made it to Top 8 and tied for 5th! Everyone in Top 8, especially K.Beast vs. Marn, had intense battles! The TvC scene united and put on a great show for everyone at EVO! I had Polimar stick signed by Niitsuma-san and Seth Killian and we took pictures with them! K.Beast is the a badass! Phampy owns Marn’s soul! yourmother made it to the US and played real TvC competition! GCYoshi is the greatest unknown giant player there ever was! Rayzyrybryn ate a brownie! ll.nd was taken for a ride! Jint is a pimp! Skisonic got blind picked! Kurasa and Sawa introduced us to “Whorémon” night for hilariousness and saltiness! WTF Premium hang up you! I think I can stop now!

Keep on repping the scene no matter where you are! Let’s continue to spread the greatness that is TvC among all fighting gamers and see to it that TvC:UAS will return to EVO for years to come! I will run more tournaments and have more practice sessions for those who truly want to get good at this game.

Taken from my Facebook (feel free to add me so I can tag you in photos… my real name is Edward Valdez):

Me with the heroes of my gaming life. Taken during EVO 2010 TvC:UAS Finals… Niitsuma-san (producer of TvC and MvC3) and Seth Killian (public relations representative of Capcom).

Much of the true TvC crew.

Much of the true TvC crew… Again.

We were were able to catch Niitsuma-san on break and have him join us. For TvC!

We also got Seth Killian to join us and a pleasant surprise peeped into the background…

Fucking lol at daigo sneaking into our picture. When you said he was in it I figured you meant he was just walking past but motherfucker was posing for it. He can’t resist being a part of tvc hype I guess.

Tron you have the same fucking face in every pic lol XD. Good shit guys hope see you guys next year SPECIALLY YOU BILL…I LOVE YOU.

I had to leave early QQ.

razrbrn went to go get him, since he was standing in the hallway. No one believed me when I said Daigo was right there and was trying to move him to the front of the group to take a pic. Sigh.

wooooooooooooo!! Evooooooo!!!

Nice pic with all those TvC players! Just one thing: How many peeps entered the TvC tourney? That also might count as a reason for having / leaving TvC in next year’s EVO.

My g/f and I really wanna go if TvC is still there for sure, keep TvC scene alive as much as you can!

According to Keits, 128 people entered TvC:UAS at EVO, therefore, 32 players per pool.

Does this mean there were that many people or you are not sure but close to that many?? I mean were there 32 peope in your pool? Or close to that number in any pool?

I thought it was something like 65 or so…

Hella edit: If there was that many people there is no reason no to have it back next year. I mean really those are good numbers right there. To have that many people or even 80-90 people is great with how much shit this game gets from all angles.

Sqequo I feel you on that but most of the TvC people are downers and don’t believe it can make it again. TvC imo will make it next year, we just need to support it as much as we did this year.

TvC won’t make it because MvC3 will be the nail in the coffin.

There will also be new games like BB:CS, KoF13, and MK9 to compete with.

How is Mvc3 the nail :stuck_out_tongue:

TvC will be back @ EVO next year… as a side tourney =D.

Yes we are downers, but we’re looking at the reality. I’m giving it a 30/60 shot, and this all depends on how we get the fighting game community to percieve TvC. Since EVO was the make or break time for the game, I think the finals have done a good job of demonstrating what craziness and potential this game has.

MvC3 will be a noticeable force. That’s the reality. Especially with the input from the community for testing out the game, the developers will do their best to make a fantastic game just like they did with TvC.

But in any case, we just need to continue to support the game. Not that hard, right? ^^;

If TvC makes it as a main at evo I’m slapping everyone I see…Deal. ;D

I really hope TvC makes it next year as well, thanks for the info! Would be sad missing a spot due to having MvC3 and MvC2 as well, that would suck. I hope the get rid of MvC2 by next year, it’s about time.