Tvc evo hype train

TVC @ EVO 2K10… Owns even the best of us
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Yes, Royal passed out midway through writing a text message. sigh.

Not to sound like a fanboy, but you know you’re gangster when Daigo photobombs your pictures.

well seeing that I think TvC had more people than BB CS, TvC may come back next year. I mean lets see Marvel 2 is gone, not sure if Melty Blood is returning, HD Remix prolly stay, Tekken and SF4 will stay, Marvel 3 will stay, so potentially two spots open. I am thinking TvC and MK9 haha, no BB CS.

I think BB CS will be their next year,it was at 2009 and the only reason it wasnt at this years was because of a technicality.So that just leaves MK 9,which could be terrible or good.Who knows.

The fact that the EVO organizers have loads of leftover Wiis from 2008(brawl) helps the case of getting TVC in the lineup one more year.

Yo, fuck TvC, shoutouts to Tekken 6! Thus Evo was tooo HYPE! So much fun! Made some new friends, feel like I got way closer to current ones, and did all sorts of things with Yourmother!

Daigo is either attempting to be creepy on purpose or he really does like TvC

Yeah, I totally didn’t notice him at all, he did a Where’s Waldo on us

Stone, by the way, that ZERO combo that you use is so AMAZING! It allows you to get a full charge shot combo w/o using baroque! That should be the new Zero BnB!

TvC top 8 was sooo hype. I definitely think the game deserves another shot on the main stage next year.