TVC EVO2K10 Shout outs thread!

(Razer inspireed thread name)

Frankie g here, I"m really happy with tvc"s turnout @ evo this year faced a lot of tough opponents and learned a lot new stuff. Also tvc room w/ kurasa and crew was gewd times.


Kurasa-congratulations on making 4th bro! Your skill in this game never ceases to amaze me and everytime we play together you always find some way to push the game to the next level making me wanna go farther as well. Congrats jeff

Keits- g/s repping midwest tvc and being a great host as well and don"t worry about the shit talk it"s whatever.

Yourmother-well for being yourmother. =)

Razer- hypest muthafucka I"ve met in a long time and helped hype Grand finals

True gamer- was nice to meet you man, g/s rocking the team scrub and you were also a chill dude nice to meetcha man.

Royal- congrats on 5th edward! Your poli is amazing and using V.joe in the end was a good choice. I would like to visit your scene sometime

Ski- we had good matches and you took me out not much I can say about that g/s ski.:tup:

Psychochronic- repping DA GiANTS as always lol. G/s man hope to see you @ the next big tourney

J-money and da beast- it was still nice seeing you 2 and heard you 2 were holding it down in teams nice! Lol

Any1 else I missed shout outs 2 you to!:party:

Yo shout outs to boats, fuck the ocean.

Seriously tho,

shout outs to Kurasa for setting up a room and letting me stay there even tho you never met me before, also for being gdlk.

Shout outs to royal flush for falling asleep early and getting up early to do push ups. Also for being a billionaire.

Shout outs to rayzyrbyrn and truegamer for making me hype and having mad jokes about my handle.

Shout outs to sawa, I will never forgive you for being the idea man.

Shout outs to jindt (sp?) for keeping roll/cash alive.

Shout outs to tronzilla for being stoned by nature and pissing people off on the phone.

Shout outs to phampy for owning marn’s soul.

Shout outs to premium for getting trolled.

Shout outs to kbeast for being gdlk, and making the tvc finals so hype.

I could do more but I’m sick of typing so shout outs to everyone there for making this evo what it was.

Shoutouts to everyone who have interacted with me in any way shape or form.


This is Jint.

This was an awesome first EVO for me, I’m extremely thankful I got to hang out with TvC peeps from all around. My only regret is not staying another hour before hopping on my plane back to SoCal.

GCYoshi: You have the most awesome PTX ever. I haven’t seen anyone use that thing as well as you do. That being said, I’m gonna beat it down with Roll one day.

Yourmother: I finally beat you, the one who made the tutorial vids on how to use Roll. I am now the master! =P The jokes won’t stop.

rayzyrbyrn: For eating a brownie. We have the pictures.

Sawa: Thanks for being my teammate. It was fun playing matches with ya. It was more interesting seeing how your ‘ideas’ played out…

Tronzilla: Fun having MM against ya in Puzzle Fighter. I’m still up for more matches, heh heh…

Kurasa: I’m extremely thankful you let me leave my stuff in your room for most of the weekend, and letting everyone use your room as the ‘TvC Room’ in general. Good stuff on being the talker.

RFlush: For looking like the rich guy on the last night. I also hate you so much for winning every side bet I made with you during the Tekken Finals.

Phampy: You have owned Marn’s soul.

KBeast: For helping make the Finals for TvC all the more entertaining to watch. I’m sure those matches have sparked more interest in the game.

Shout outs to the rest of the TvC crew + players for demonstrating why TvC earned its place @ EVO 2010.

Shout outs to…

Kurasa - FUCK PTX!! Wish we got more doro mirror matches though. They’re fun no matter what you say!

GCYoshi - Haha! I pass to you my ptx crown. GGs at the 2vs2.

Rayzyrbyrn- for being the official tvc hype man. We love you and brownies. <3

Soki/Tekkaman dude- Sorry i didn’t get your name, but keep repping soki!

Royalflush - For bringing home a medal and being super filthy rich.

Tronzilla/Truegamer - For being the tvc OGs. Gotta keep it together for marvel 3!

John - For being a chillin motherfucker on the chair!!

Yourmother - for having the best handle name ever. It was awesome meeting you!

Frankie G - I didn’t get to play you at all, didn’t I? :frowning:

Phampy - for being that dreamlab kid that owned marn’s soul.

Rotanibor - for PLACING 9TH YOU ROCK. :party:

KBeast - For putting up a show and making tvc hype! Congrats on 2nd man. KILLIN ALL DA AKRID!

Keits - for putting me in losers! :arazz:

Sawa - For being the idea man. No hate. :smiley:

Ryry - for being one of the best tvc players I ever played. Good shit on HDR top 8 and winning MvC3 exhibition

The whole tvc crew - Thanks for hyping tvc at evo. You guys are awesome. :pray:

I don’t like shoutouts too much because I tend to forget someone. I’ll try to cover those I have met.

Keits - Thanks for the props whether I deserved it or not. Had some pretty big games in the 2v2 and I lucked out at the end!

Marns - For shaking my hand after the game despite your dislike for giants. A good player and a good sport.

llnd - For the imaginary crown. Thanks! You play normal characters just as well as you do giants. I’m envious.

RoyalFlush - For eliminating me =(. No grudges though, you’ve earned it. Also, thanks for hosting that 2v2 tourney so that I could prove myself further among the TvC community. Thanks.

Phampy - Great teamate man, you even took out the legendary marns twice. Props.

Jint - You’re that roll/casshan player right? Never really got your name but the post above makes me think that’s your name. Thanks for the compliments, looking forward to meeting you again.

Kurasa - Another guy who doesn’t like giants but is still nice regardless. I’m learning normal characters now.

Sawa - Always have agreed with the guy, especially after he wanted to eat while we were all wasting time before lunch. The “idea-man” I like.

Kbeast - For also helping with the 2v2 tourney, playing with me before evo, and other stuff. Cool guy and makes me feel at home among the tvc group.

“Team Leftovers” in the 2v2 Tourney - I remember the name of the Soki player as Steve but I only remember the shirt color and the look of the ptx-40a player. Thanks for the support in the 2v2 tourney. Please clarify your names and etc. if you see this post, tell me so I can refresh my memory better.

TitanD - Took me out =(. Kind of salty, but you certainly knew what you were doing. GG.

YourMother - Cool guy. Sad you didn’t make it on time. I guess that means one less support for Obama?

Rotanibor - I had a feeling that you were a bit frustrated with the PTX match-up. Sorry. I’m learning normal characters starting from now mostly just for you.

And to the rest of the people I have not interacted much with. I had one less day at EVO =(. Next year perhaps.

Shoutouts to everyone that showed up!

Keits - good shit on everything mang!

RoyalFlush - Good games as always homie…although I will NEVER let you handle the money again :rofl:

Carlos - You bed thieving mufuka! We shall all hate you forever! :wow:

Bill - mad props dude. You were funny as hell and a blast to be around. I owe you $10 btw, so hit me up so that I can paypal it to you or something.

KBeast - Good games homie! You are true to your nick…BEAST!!

Sawa - …Mr. Idea Man…don’t EVER listen to any of Sawa’s crazy ideas!! They always sound awesome…but they aren’t lol :razz:

Tronzilla - “You look like you smoke MAD amounts of weed!” hahahahahahahaha Good shit as always bro. Where did you run off too anyway?

Jint - Props for looking like your 10!! That shit is mad deceptive lol!!

Ryzyrburn - Shoutouts to shoutouts! Fun stuff dude and thanks for showing me all of that CRAZY Viewtiful Joe stuff.

Phampy - Best Ken in the West! Good games man! Your Ken is beast.

Fernando - Werd on being chill as always. Great games my friend.

RyRy - Sorry that you got Giant Hustled man. Yo were so close to two medals. Pure beast son!

Frankie - SO MANY BUFFETS!!! Good seeing you again dude. I’ll holla the next time that I’m in Chitown.

JMoney - I’m glad that you got your credit cards back. Good games and all that good shiz.

Other Jeff - fuck you mang!! LOL!!! Good shit kicking my ass in the team tourney. It WON’T happen again!! :devil:

Rotan - WHERE WERE YOU!!! You missed the hustle! Well…I guess that was a good call lol!

JWong - Thanks for not being a dick during “the ordeal.” You are truly a good man. Good games homie. I hope to play you again soon.

Marnzy - SAKI SON!! WHERE U AT!?

Psychochronic - My Canadialand brother. Good times as always my friend and sorry about the elbow :sweat:


Hookers - FUCK YOU TOO!!!

Shout out time!

Kurasa: For being such a beast of a player and for letting us crash at your room to play whatever and getting us to collect whoremon cards. Kurasa’s rape den featuring TvC, Puzzle Fighter, Kamen Rider, god damn everything!

Keits: For reinforcing my hate of blade :lame:

Yourmother: For all the silly jokes your handle created. Yo shoutouts to little darlings, fuck whoremon cards.

Sawa: For that awesome idea that went totally wrong

Rayzyr: For being hype as hell as usual

Truegamer: For elbowing me in the head during finals. LOL. Just kidding, it’s cool man. Finally got to play you after all this time.

RoyalFlush: For being an exercise freak and being extra generous with the money you handled

Frankie G: For being hilarious as hell when you were playing marvel. Should’ve done triple juggernaut glitch man.

Jint: For being 13 years old

Tronzilla: For pissing off the leader of the whoremons

Premium: For getting trolled by everyone

Kbeast: For being a beast at TvC and pressuring me for several months to go to EVO.

GCYoshi: For being the best ptx and an awesome teammate.

llnd: For driving me to and from EVO and amazing the non socal players with your throws

Ryry: For being a god damn beast at every game you play and for that priceless look on your face when Kurasa first loaded Kamen Rider.

Marn: For realizing I was that random kid from dreamlab after I picked my team

I think I got everyone. :wgrin:

How’d did I get trolled XD Assholes were talking about me I HATE YOU!!!

“You don’t know me and I don’t know you…but you suck!” :slight_smile:

Royalflush: Awesome talking to you man, it’s great to see one of the guys behind keeping TvC alive
Kurasa: Sooo sick with Doronjo man
Marn: Not taking our bet on phampy. :rofl:
Keits: Great seeing you again
SkiSonic: Soki>Gold Lightan
Bertell: wtf, I know you are reading this
Ryzyrbyrn: It was great seeing you after so many years, so hype
DaRabidDuckie: Bestest man in Mississippi

everyone on front stage helping up with the chants, my voice was hella owned after finals

Good stuff, see you guys next year!

ok so this is my first shout outs thingy but lets see if i get this shit right!

SHOUT OUTS: K-Beast for gettin second and bein awesome
Rayzyrburn (i hope i spelled this shit right) for helpin me get mad hype
Phampy for owning marns soul lmao
Royalflush for bein mad cool
Gcyoshi13 for bein THE most godlike PTX
my partner in teams who i never learned his name but thanks for dealin with my scrubby assness
Jint for bein fuckin cool
Kurasa for bein extremely cool and givin me tips
ll.nd for bein the only other soki in the community and givin me tips
Truegamer for takin me to niitsuma and lettin me use ur marker to get my stick signed
premium for gettin trolled HARD by marn
Marn for bein marn
Keits for bein cool and kickin my ass hard in our teams match
Tronzilla for reppin morrigan
Rotanibor for lettin me use ur stick mad times lol
Yourmother for having ur name and for coming from japan to kick some ass
Frankie g for makin me look free as hell and bein mad nice to me anyway lol

This list was in no special order so please no one get offended

OH and shout outs to all u guys for makin me feel welcome in the community and makin my first tournament special

p.s how the fuck do i get on the irc to start trollin with u peeps lmfao

has everyone forgotten me already??? come one now really? REALLYY?

dudes i feel teh sadness.

shouts to the outs timez!!!

nmhsteve:you guy u you forgot my name already i already told u my name!!! anyway nice teaming with you, and u shouldnt doubt yourself so much, honestly u only got man handled by zero and tekkaman blade easily the two best characters in the game. good stuff though.

razyrbyrn: for being so fray in tvc!!!:razz: nah goo stuff as always especially in naruto, its just too bad that u guys didnt record me ousting razyrbyrn in brownie eating. and quotes of the day with razyr"hey razyr wheres that ps2?" over like 2 hrs worth of that dude so awesome!!!

gcyoshi:the only ptx thats better than me mah dude, u shoulda stayed for some casuals, dude i really wanna fight ya again. i had a blast chilling with ya in the casual area b4 teams and u being the ONLY guy to take me out in those casuals, but not b4 i beat ya a round!!!. We must do some more matches ptx vs ptx again!!!

phampy: you pokemon you…nice stuff on winning with yoshi, like dude the way u fought marn was amazing seriously. and i had a great match against you in team tourney, dude i came SOOO close to winning i didnt realize to use chainsaw after u mega crashed a second time!!! i really wanna play u especially again!!

k(or q or whatever) beast: nice job on getting 2nd in tvc i mean i really thought u were gonna win, u kinda blasted marn in winners, but good stuff nonetheless, and great matches u had with me though i gotta say why did ya give up on the second yat-1 batsu match against my ptx? as with the rest really wanna fight u again!!!

Royal Flush:gg as well dude, i just couldnt take out ur ippatsu man, i always came close and when i did, he did enough damage for polimar to take the win. though i did beat team tekkamen so im happy with that!! man i really wanna fight all u guys again!! good stuff on placing top 8 as well!!

YourMother:well for being your mother!!! nah good stuff with joe the condor, i mean especially in teams i mean i was really gonna wait it out, but i realized u were building meter, so i had to end it. And anytime bro, im always up to give u giant practice that way next time we can have an even better match!!!

ll.nd:dude seriously i had no idea it was u, i was so amazed when i realized it was u!! good games and i hearted our mirror match, ptx mirrors for life!!! we have to play again!!!

ryry:gg in the tournament man i cant believe i dropped that combo against u, im so grrred but its all good, man really gotta play u again dude!!!

keits: gg for serious out of everyone their u played tekkaman blade the hardest and though i did beat him he did enough damge for ryu to take the win. i wasnt mad over the loss lol as i told ya, just in the moment like i shouldnt have jumped into ur lvl 3 super lol. we definately have to play again!!! good job on placing in the top 8 as well!!!

psychocronic: gg didnt know canada played this!!! i really hearted our ptx mirror match!!! it was the bomb!!! i was rooting for you the hardest in all of top 8 dude, but alas it didnt happen, still, good stuff on getting top 8!!! we really have to play again!!!

Kurasa:well forgot that we didnt play but nonetheless good stuff on placing in top 8 in singles, and hopefully we will get to play someday. and i mean as long as we are still chill, then im still chill with ya. hopefully ill pick up and or make my regular team better so we can play!!

sawa:good games in tvc man, and well, idk what happened with the thing after i left i heard it didnt turn out so well lol. def gotta play again!!

jint: awesomesauce matches we had in casuals, man u play casshern and rll hard but slowly but surely i learned the match fast and then we went back and forth!!! i really wanna play ya again!!!

tron: gg in casuals im not sure who else u played but i remember ur morrigan, tight as hell match, definately gotta play again!!!

never played u guys either but shout outs to frankie g and truegamer for being awesome dudes!!! must play u guys sometime in the future.

uhh didnt get ur name but dude who played i think ken the eagle and ippatsu man: tight as hell matches man we gotta play again!!!

jwong: aww man we really didnt get to play but i know it’ll happen someday!! i’m really looking forward to when it will happen, anyway good stuff on getting 3rd in tvc, and of course winning MVC2. Really wanted to see u in top 8 for ssf4 but hey stuff happen i know!! good seeing u again and hopefully u come down here back to the east coast for a tournament or something!!!

marn: aww man we didnt get to play keits stood in my way all i had to do was but keits but alas it didnt happen. hopefully next time we meet we get to play!!! i find it wierd that u hate tvc even thought u won the game, but to each their own i dont hate. hopefully we can fight next time!!!

skisonic:wtf? i had no idea u played dude rep east coast with me!!! tvc east coast best me and u man!!! im gonna attempt to start up a tvc scene at the break hopefully stuff goes down and u come along!!!

dude who played soki and…idk in casuals: gg dude u may have learned g lightan, but now u gotta learn the better giant!!!:badboy: really wanna fight ya again!!

j-money: gg in tvc and too bad we didnt get to play in naruto, maybe next time , really wanna fight u again!! and no not fuck ptx…FUCK ZERO!!! lmao

j-moneys partner: even though we didnt play i liked the way u played ur team goo dstuff maybe next time well fight!!!

i dont think i forgot anyone but in case i did ill post another shout out to you too!!


Fuck yous to:

ALL U GUYS!!!: lmfao no fair u guys got super tvc group pic and i wasnt in it i mean u even got daigo in there and i wasnt there grrr lmao

i heart this game and i really wish i lived on the left side of america just to play forever with u guys!!! lets make tvc happen again next year!!!

i also hear tthe entire tvc commu that i met meaning all u guys it was so fun!!!

Yeah sorry, like I said before there’s so many and I don’t have an actual computer so typing takes forever, but here’s a few more.

Shout outs to bad fish for knocking me into losers in teams, good shit.

Shout outs to yoshi, the new best ptx in the universe and a cool guy to top it off.

Shout outs to rotanibor for teaching me how to fight against soki.

Potentially more to come.

Shoutouts to the dude with the backpack who offered to lend me his PS2->GC adapter. That includes Royalflush too.

Shoutouts to Royalflush for playing Viewtiful Joe on the stage and also showing me that I really need local competition to get better. Henshin a go-go baby! Sorry I couldn’t make the TvC teams, I really wanted to watch the SSF4 semifinals.

Shoutouts to GCYoshi for showing me real PTX pressure (never experienced it before, usually just zoned 'em, never saw such a fast LVL3 cancel in my life and also REVERSE CHARGE MOVES FUCK YEAH)

Shoutouts to Kurasa for tree loops. That shit is hype. Kick to the nuts, baroque, exploding tree, rock, kick to the nuts, etc.

Shoutouts to K Beast for putting Marn on YatterBlast. Midscreen relaunches are hype.

Shoutouts to Marn for showing me some new Zero tricks.

Screw yourmother for saying I am stoned, shit man I had surgery on my eyes foo and I was hella tired too. I am down to smoke weed though anytime, more drugs the better. I am a stoner celebrity so you all can get my autograph next evo. Your all lucky to the people saying I was a stoner that I did not get pissed and beat you up. So enough of the stoner talk and lets get those damn hookers!

Shout outs to Morrigan always being sexy in bed!

:sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad: (wishes i was there)


Fucking lol at this

Anyone got top eight vids of TvC from Evo?

There’s a few on youtube, but can’t find the Ryu comeback by Justin against Marn.