TVC Fight stick/akishop ps360

well i have my TVC wii fight stick i am not using anymore. its just sitting in my room collecting dust. what i want to do with it is try and tri-mod it using the akishops360 from focus attack. i was wondering if it is possible to do and i know i would have to buy a breakaway usb cord(any one know were i can buy one on line). i was wondering since the wii fight stick everything wires up to the turbo panel. how would i wire up the the ground? would i have to solder wires to the contact point of the guide and turbo? i will take pics of the tvc wii board soon to show what im talking about…thanks for any help

-Yes its possible
-No you dont 'need a breakaway cable but you have to drill into your case for a usb cable if you want a breakaway or dedicated usb
-You can solder to the terminal block for all your buttons minus your home, turbo, directions (i think you’ll need the ground from the directions too) and you’ll need to take the VCC from the TVC board as well. You can take your grounds from the buttons from your terminal block