TVC Fight Stick Disconnects HELP!


Everytime I play online my TVC Fight Stick disconnects, I dont know why and I was wondering if this has happened to any of you. I’ve tried replacing the battery on wiimote and having it in a fixed position. Is something wrong with my stick or the wiimote?


It was doing the same to me but it stopped after a while. I also changed the battery and tried a different wii mote.


try to move your wiimote away from anything that could interfere with the bluetooth signal


I have that problem too. Sometimes, if the wiimote gets bumped, it disconnects lol!


My stick has been acting up recently, disconnecting randomly. Then it started getting worse. When it disconnected, I would usually unplug it from the Wii remote and plug it back in. Eventually it would just bring up the Wii-remote menu when I plugged it back in, but it wouldn’t register the stick as being connected so I couldn’t get out of the menu. For some reason, the IR pointer won’t work with the stick plugged in, which I’m pretty sure it used to do.

It happens with all Wii-remotes and with fresh batteries.

Anyone else?


Same thing with my friend’s arcade stick.


I emailed Madcatz about it. Has anyone ever dealt with their support? I feel like this could be a very painful experience.


I have never had this problem, sounds wiimote-specific.


I have 4 different Wii motes and my friend’s used every one of 'em at some point. They all disconnect. The strange thing is that the disconnect thing only happens within the first few matches we play, then just stops happening until we restart the Wii again. The big problem this poses is tourney play… you can’t exactly sit around for 3 random casuals to make sure your sticks working proper before the start of the actual tourney match.


I own a Hori stick, and haven’t had this problem. The only things I can guess are

  1. Bluetooth interference
  2. All your wii remotes suck (haha)
  3. The Madcatz Stick

Seeing these problems, I sure am relieved that I finally built my PS/360 dual mod stick with my ps->gc converter. Am giving the Hori stick to a friend next week…


It’s most definitely the Madcatz stick’s fault. I owned a Hori stick for a while, back when I played CGoH, and it didn’t have this problem at all. Regrettably, I don’t have that stick anymore.