TvC Fightstick plus 360 SFIV Fightpad PCB? Ok, how exactly?

I’ve done a lot of looking around and gotten some good info, but I want to ask before I just try this and hope for the best.
I just bought a TvC stick and I have a 360 SFIV fightpad. I want to put the PCB from the FP in the TVC ALONGSIDE the existing setup. I’ve seen enough to know (I think) that I don’t need an IMP b/c I’m not trying to join the two cords. I’ll have the 360 cord out another hole or with a neutrik.
I know that after I solder the FB pcb, I connect the button and direction data lines to the existing lines (guessing best is at the terminal strip). I think I’ll be putting in a new guide button rather than trying to solder the point on the TvC PCB.
My question is, where and how exactly do I “connect the voltage and ground of each PCB” as I’ve seen in posts? Should I be concerned at all about going from 3.3v to 5v? As for the ground, do I just connect the buttons’ common ground to the same on the fp pcb and do the same for the joystick common ground? Only one? That and something else?
If anyone has pictures of this particular project I’d really appreciate it. A couple of guys have been nice enough to give me some guidance, but I want to make sure I’m clear before my noobish soldering touches my TvC. I’ve read the noobstickies and done a ton of research, but I need as much project-specific info as possible to counteract the damaging effects of ignorance. Even if you haven’t done this, I’d love some discussion on this type of thing and a chance to pick the brains of people who actually know what they are doing.
Thanks in advance.

You do not need anything TvC + FightPad specific, because all Dual Mods are the same.

Connecting the Button and Directional Signals to each other, you got, yes.
Ground of TvC to Ground of FightPad.
VCC of TvC to VCC of FightPad.

Black wire from FightPad is Ground.
Connect that to Ground of TvC PCB.

Don’t want to use the Black Wire?
Use any Ground spot of the FightPad.

You do not have to do anything about Joystick Ground.
I don’t know why you mentioned it.

Red wire from FightPad is VCC.
Connect that to VCC of TvC PCB.

You will have sixteen wires total:
One wire for VCC.
One wire for Ground.
Eight wires for the Buttons.
Four wires for the Directionals.
One wire Signal for your Guide Button.
One wire Ground for your Guide Button.

I do not know if you read this, but his summary will make more sense after you read

But you said you read all the stickies, and this was part, so maybe you should have read this?

Also, you say your soldering is noobish. I made practice video for soldering on YouTube last night. [media=youtube]TjmArFKJZl0[/media]

Nerrage - great video! That’s going to be really helpful… only one thing: the volume on a couple of the tunes meant I struggled to hear what you were saying. Might be worth cc’ing the vid?

I agree.

Turned down the music volume some, re-upload. [media=youtube]wX1dZIC0Gp0[/media]

Thanks for the help, guys. I read the dual-modding 101 thread a little while ago, but I think I will get more out of it now that I know a little more.
Nerrage-Thanks for the soldering video. I’m tempted to just get my dad to solder it, but I need to learn if I’m going to stick with this. It will be a good project for him to teach me the finer points next time we visit.
JDM-Thanks for the breakdown. I’ve seen very similar explanations, but you took it that extra step that made it where I get it. There’s a lot I still don’t understand about wiring in general and I’m sure the stuff that I’ve found confusing or unsure about the explanations for this will seem silly after I’ve done this for a while.
I appreciate you guys taking the time to help.

Enk - it’s definately something that makes more sense when you try and do it - I got stuck in and learnt a hell of a lot more by doing it then reading up again than I did by just reading.

I read until I could draw it out, then went and did a bit, then read some more - etc.

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

And here’s one of the guys who were helping me out! Thanks Eben.

Nerrage- I’ve gone back and read the Dual-mod thread again and it makes a lot more sense now. There was a lot I didn’t understand before about how to accomplish this and so I was looking right past info that applied to what I needed. Standard noobishness I guess. I’ve been getting into sticks for just a few months, though I’ve been a fighting game fan since '91. I’ve been through a couple of those “I need to go read a lot of stuff then come back and try to understand this” moments, and today was another. Thanks for doing the dual-mod tutorial again. I know things like that save a lot of time answering questions (when people really read them), but it also gives guys like me hope of actually getting the info to get my hands dirty and learn the rest.

Well, I did it. Kinda.
By the time I was ready to start doing this, I had two working 360 sticks and had been looking around for a DC agetech, so I decided to do a Dreamcast dual-mod instead. As everyone above explained to me, there was really no difference except fewer buttons. It was a hard thing, but only because I kept trying ‘new and easier ways of doing things’. I broke the DC twice, once that was a fixable, common problem (controller port board blown) and once that I’m still not sure what I did or why it works now (green grid on black video output). I learned a lot about going through things systematically so you know how you broke/fixed things. I have a DC stick though, and it cost me $0 (not counting the money I’m going to spend making sure I have 2-3 DCs around so I can fix the next problem).