TvC Four Player Mode: Show Support Thread

:china:Seriously. Wouldn’t this just be too good? Take a gander. All of the TvC crew calling regardless of who it is. Make an account, and post in the thread with your Best Yes, Yes, Yes Bison quote or whatever, and get this heard man.

As a matter of fact, you don’t you ain’t got to post at the site anymore. I barely don’t. But Just post in this thread saying make it happen, and then you can leave it alone.

Spread the word if you do read it. Appreciate it.:smokin:

It would be p cool, I s’pose. Totally unnecessary, but wouldn’t mind it if it doesn’t take a lot to program / doesn’t delay release.

it wouldn’t be unneccesary. IMO it would get more ppl to play it instead of just doing 1 on 1’s. If there is one thing that attrats ppl is one multiple people can play games at the same time. We been playing 1 on 1 fighters for decades it would be hell of nice to have something fresh don’t you think. And Dreamcast did the same with the 4 player mode on MvC1 so it really aint as unneccesary as you might think.:chat: But I understand where you are coming from.

It would be pretty easy to do. Everybody just picks one character and gets control of their character when he/she is on point.

For an interesting twist, players could be able to choose whenever their character comes in with an assist or DHC (instead of their active partner).

Nah, I like being in control of all the factors of my match, including an assist or partner switch.

They can include it if they want, but not my cup of tea.

I’ve thought about it.

During 2 player mode, the point character loses the ability to call in their partner with P. They are still in charge of doing Variable Combination supers, Variable counters and Variable Air raids manually and also tagging out.

While your friend is on point, you can press P at any time to call out your character for an assist, so knowing your friend’s combos and tactics are essential for good co-op play.

If you get tagged in at any time the control switches.

I think that could work well.

While it does sound a lot of fun, the first thing that comes to my mind is how playing it online would be lag hell.

I think this also goes very well with the Wii’s marketing principle of “push button get bacon.”

your buddy on the side will have fun only pressing one button at key moments. And it’d be a great way to teach new players about timing and combos.

i doubt it’ll happen, but it would be freakin AWESOME! it would def. bring ppl even closer together, and prolly get the game more attention from ppl not into 2d fighting, like smash fans for ex. btw, i also think it was just confusion with wording. >_<

Man I would really like this to to light. It’s just a good ass idea for a game like this.

Does anybody remember playing 4 player on all the tag Marvel games on Kaillera days? Man I never had so much fun playing them. Capcom could pull 4 player online with the right steps being taken as Kaillera did it pretty well depending on how good the connection is.

4 player mode would mean, that a Match should be played Very Tactfull.
this way the game is gonna be more interesting,. =D