TvC FTW!!!!

Well i was watching G4, and Xplay did a review of Tatsunoko vs Capcom,
in a segment called
"Made in Japan"
well they mension will TvC make it to Us, the said "a resounding No…"
whatever that …they also explain why its not gonna be published in the US…
anyways to watch the Video go to the Link below
then go to "Videos"
find “Xplay” and click it
after that LOOK 4 “MADE IN JAPAN” VIDEO of TvC
so since Xplay announced it?
does this mean people waiting 4 this game gonna just have to import now?
and is it Confirmed or not

Update 5/17/09
apparently Nintendo Power made an Article saying Tatsunoko vs Capcom is Confirmed for a North America release
also mention the creaters are considering Online Play
well regarding the release of TvC in North America, no word on a Europe release :frowning:

well I allready own TvC so i dont see on buying it a 2nd Time
unless There is Online Play…but
its gotta be a Realy Good Online Play, meaning playing online as if i was playing TvC on a Arcade with someone
online play like Street Fighter 4, virtually no lag,not mentioning about Horrible internet connections due to other people

why am im saying this
cause when it comes to Nintendo & their Online Services
Nintendo completely sux when it comes to online play

Super Smash Bros Brawl
has Online (it sucks…really bad)
well this Online Service has Button Lag!!!
regardless of your connection, it doesnt go away
(button lag, say I Push the Attack Button, my Television wont respond immediatly as if I was playing a friend Side to Side offline…the TV will respond 0.3 seconds after I pushed the Button, to make it worse, If Im playing someone thats in florida, and Im in California the Button Lag INCREASES…which means it takes longer for my television to respond when I push a command, it can be as worse as 0.7-1.2 seconds of button Lag)

if the online services for Brawl are Brought to TvC
then Nintendo has made another horrible Online Game
which I dont want TvC to be called that…
cause TvC is a fun and Competitive game
So if I had a Chance to talk to the creaters
I would have to let them know
"better think twice on how u can make a Good Online Experience if u want TvC to have online play…cause Nintendo fails to deliver Good Online Play"
just want everyone to know
When it comes to Fighting Games, NO LAG IS A CRITICAL FACTOR TO ONLINE PLAY

Update 9/16/09
TvC US, Europe & Japan get the re-release
5 new characters
Daimaoh Removed…Japan Exclusive
Release: TBA

Guess the TvC scenes are going to be small and scarce in US. >:

I think it’s obvious the game has low chances of coming over here, but that video has nothing new that we didn’t already know. He says the characters are obscure and the licensing is an issue, that’s it. We already knew that. We also know that staff in the Capcom forums said they were making efforts to bring the game to the US. I thought the video might say it’s been confirmed by insiders that it’s not going to come here, but it doesn’t, so… I don’t see anything we don’t already know.

Capcom saying that they’re trying to bring it is, to be fair, about as much as a company in their position can say. Some people don’t believe they’re really trying at all and it’s just press stuff, but what can we do other than possibly take their word for it. The chances were low to begin with.


GH, there’s a surprisingly big Melty Blood scene in the US. That’s another fighting game that has no US release. I actually don’t think TvC will reach that size, but it is a precedent.

who cares, just order it from play asia. it cost you a few extra bucks, and you gotta do a quick homebrew hack. painless

I was more looking forward to a US release because it might have given them a chance to make some gameplay tweaks…

Like Smash bros Melee. The difference between the US and PAL versions.

yeah but the average gamer may not be able 2 do the Twilight hack, reason 4 risking breaking their wii or having no idea how 2
I had no trouble pulling it of, at first i was sceptical about risking it, but i took the risk
all i wish i havent done it sooner…
and also ordering the game
play-asia, i got TvC for 72.50 something like that & $2.99 4 shipping
i really dont think thats the real prize in Japan
people gonna say its too expensive

Brick? You have to be really stupid to brick your wii with the Zelda TP hack. As being in the homebrew scene for a long time, the Wii its one of the safest ones to hack. Now onto the pricing, I rhinks its pricey and well worth it. THis game is only for the hardcored fans…

This. TP hack is basically brick free unless you decide to load a file in which can brick your console, but then that’s your fault and your idiocy.

When your using the TP hack to install HBC, the chances of bricking your console are null. No risk involved.

And its really not expensive. Rent TP and install the hack. That’s exactly what I did. You need an SD card? They sell 1GB/2GB for like 10-15 dollars. Need an SD reader? Another 10-25 based on what kind you get and where you get it. If you’re a hardcore gamer, you already have an SD card. There is generally nothing to lose and so much to gain. It baffles me how many people think its risky when its not. Chipping your console is risking, software installation of the HBC isnt.

yeah i agree with u there,
TvC is for hardcore fans

Anyone who is interested in the game will pick it up regardless.


I’m incredibly poor and I’m still getting it.
Most hardcore fighting game fans are over 16, so they can get some part-time job to have what you want.

It costs under a $100 to buy it and play it, and minumum wage at 4-6 hours a day. No one really has an excuse.

But promotion is also an issue, since there is no point in promotion if it ain’t coming here.

Are there any cabinets on the east coast? namely NYC



you cant talk about illegal stuff on the forums, like downloading the game

You should also edit yours and have it removed. :wgrin:

By now I wouldn’t keep my hopes up for any VS title to be released outside Japan…

I’m just glad they aren’t text-heavy games, so with a translation guide being used for some minutes, you can get the hang of the game and enjoy it as much as you would if it were in a language you understand.

Chances of this game coming over were just getting more slim (as if they weren’t enough already) so I had to import. It should be here tomorrow or Thursday~

It probobly wont show up, I really want it too though. Played it at sinsation, the game is so much fun!

At the Chicago local I hit up this weekend, SamuraiPanda proudly told me that TvC was confirmed coming to the USA and they were taking out Karas and putting in someone new.

I fail to find this confirmation.