TvC Grab Range Tier Chart


I was messing around and one thing lead to another and I was testing grabs.
So here is the Tier list for all the character grabs.
The numbers only apply for the top 6 normal character giants don’t count.
Longest Range**
Gold Lightan
Souki(llnd was right he is good).
Rock Volnutt
Med(Decent) Range
Morrigan(Minus her command throw)
Ploymar (minus command grabs)
Small Range
Frank West
Tekkaman Blade

Oh can somoeone spit on this and let it stick for me :smiley:

Priority wise these are top 5 off my head.

Throw your inputs in for the list.
If anyone can get some priority test that would help.


ken has the best grab in the game


Any reason for that rogueyoshi? The only reason I can see you saying that is because Ken’s throw can combo into Tekkaman’s assist which is awesome by the way.


Kens grab is not the best in the game its not even close I based all my data off of how far I can stand away from the cpu and throw them.


It might help your research and position if you posted some vids and/or pictures displaying active hitboxes or the throw ranges being performed in question.

“Longest range”, “medium range”, “short” doesn’t really say anything.


Haha, I bet ll.nd helped in the creation of this list…


while back llnd told me souki grab was nice but I didn’t believe him so last night I tested and I was like godlike!!! So I guess he did have a say in this lol.
@Tech Nah I’m good lol. I got nothing to hide just to lazy why don’t you go test it and give us pics of hitboxes :smiley:


Why would I prove your point for you? Its your thread, your research.

So if I dispute your claims (I’m actually not, yet) than you should have some backing to shut me up. Am I right? No need to answer that, because I already know I am. But I suppose I forgot SRK is the site where people like to write down shit and expect their fellow players to take it seriously.


Not really. That list is way off. Roll is nowhere near low.

Typical prem.


llnd her grab is low dude I tested that shit. It gets priority but the range isn’t that good.

@Tech I’m not taken nothing serious I’m just saying if you want pics just do them yourself. :smiley: I like I said I’m lazy I’m going to do frames…not really.


Haha souki needs the range grab. It is pretty damn good. I think you need to test more of the grab range. Casshern and Roll are not bottom. Then again I barely use grabs so ll.nd probably knows more about grabbing.


Good thread Tomato.


Seems like you guys are getting the confused with priority. Roll grab gets mad priority over a lost of stuff but the range isn’t the best. Maybe I am feeling the back lash of what Tech is saying :frowning: Damn you Tech…I’ll go get some videos.


Double post but eve I hate you guys lol Rolls is godlike lol
Updating list.


Yeah, Souki grab is really good, and he can sometimes add on a 22C after for extra damage. I don’t really play Ken but I’m interested in seeing how good his grab is now.


I recorded some video and I’m compiling a video but here is some news you should know range is determined by how close there feet are to one another. Characters like Tekka and Blade have some odd poses which make their range weird you may think it would be far since their legs are so long but it actually doesn’t work in their favor. You’ll see in the vid I’m making.


I would imagine that they have okay grabs since they both have range. Tekkaman has really good range and Tekkaman Blade does plus his autoguard attack. They would be way too good if the grabs were better. Blade already has his projectile too. Souki has good grab and range but he just has ground game.


This list looks pretty good… I thought Tekkaman had better range, but you’re the tester.


Videos up


Umm, not to rain on your parade or anything, but why do you have v.joe throwing blade instead of, say, ryu? Tekkablade’s hitbox is different than ryu’s and if you have v.joe throw ryu, the range doesn’t look that absurd, just good.