TvC Ground Dash Glitch (vid)


Best I can figure, the game is allowing me to jump cancel the first dash, but then dash cancel into the second dash during pre-jump.

I THOUGHT the command I was entering was Forward, Neutral, Forward, Neutral, Up-Forward, Forward. Or 656596. But upon turning on input display, the game is showing me 6565696. Apparantly I was hitting forward again on my way to up-forward from neutral.

It was most noticeable with Yatterman and Polimar, then maybe Ryu, and I think I screwed up on Ippatsuman’s cause it looks kinda slow. Didn’t go for anything fancy combo-wise (ignore Polimar, that was just muscle memory taking over so I went with it) just showing that you can hit full-screen 2A with this. Whether or not you hit a button, that second dash is still STUPID fast.

I apologize if this is known information, when I discovered it I looked on the forums and asked a few players and then made this video and showed it to said players. Got the same “holy crap” response from pretty much all of them, so I figured I’d post it. Sorry Keits if this is in a thread somewhere and I overlooked it. And it probably could’ve gone in an existing thread, but IF this really is new, I thought it would warrant a thread of it’s own to discuss. At least for the time being.

669 is claimed to work, but I’m getting reports that if you turn on key display it’s actually still reading as 6696 or 6669. Unless someone can say for 100% certainty that they see only 669, I’m going to assume that only 6696/6669 works.

damn never seen that before! its almost like a wave dash lol

Good find!

I just messed with it a bit. It seems you just have to dash, then tap u/f for like, 1 frame. I tried dashing, then hold u/f do I didn’t get f afterwards. The second super fast dash comes out and then I jump a moment after. So you just have to release u/f to stay on the ground.

Then I tried it again, trying to release it accurately, and the input read f,f,u/f with no other directions and it worked. It seems like the actual timing of pressing the u/f matters after the initial dash.

Well…I wonder how this will affect blade and morgan?

Thats pretty crazy, I dont quite know how to input it though, could you explain a bit better in detail ? Good find !

That video is sped up a bit though, but wow that looks pretty cool. Makes most characters look like they’re sprinting.

Suck it Brawl. You know a nintendo fighter is superior when it has a WAVEDASH.

Nice find.

Why do i get the feeling that this is going to seriously bone Saki?:sweat:

so what happens when Karas does this? Is he invincible the whole time?

Blade, Morrigan and Lightan can’t do this iirc.

Although, PTX can, and it’s a HUGE buff so far. It speeds him up if you do it right, and gives him an infinite dash.

I’m curious if this was in CGoH… All the same, ridiculous discovery. This has the potential to turn the game on it’s head. Also, ditto on the “is it possible in back dash” thing.

Wow, there goes any chance for distance games >_>

Could you explain how to do it exactly? Do you use a stick or controller? I guess it would be really hard with a controller… So you just dash then press uf while dashing then dash again? I’m not quite sure…

Lol PTX can do that? I’m going to practice it. It will be really useful for getting in on those pesky keepaway players.

Jesus Christ, it’s gonna be Melee all over again, and by that I mean the average players going “f*ck those tourneyfags and their cheap wavedashing”.

Nice I’m gonna test this out.

I have had success on pad doing 6696 with Saki, she does 2 super fast dashes. The trick with her at least is to hit 96 at about 1/3rd of the way into her first dash.

And yes it is definitely possible to do consistently, yes you can do it backwards though less effectively because backdashes tend to be slower than forward.

EDIT 2: after further review it seems like you want to input 96 right around the halfway point. oh and kudos on the find.

Fuck wavedashing, I vote we call this “Smurving”.

Amazing find. It’ll be interesting to see what changes because of this. Dear god giants might actually be able to get in.

Edit: Just started getting it down. Hello rushdown.

Edit 2:Lightan can’t seem to do this. PTX can.

Also anyone with a ground to air dash(blade, morrigan) probably won’t benifit from this either as far as I can see. Still those with grounded dashes benefit a ton. Both forward and backdashing are a hell of a lot stronger.

Edit 3: Karas appears to be invincible except for the split second you’re technically in jumping animation. I’m having a hell of a time doing it with zero and alex. I think that’s because their dash animation is much shorter so the window is smaller. Oddly enough it looks liike those that benifit the most are those who already had kick ass dashes.

Edit 4: Yeah karas is invulnerable for the duration of both dashes. You can use it to get past normals and cross up from insane distances, but he’s vulnerable for a split second during the cancel, so no dashing through beams.

…No. He can now. >:3 And besides, this happens BECAUSE of jump startup.

Anyway, I really can’t do this outside of PTX. 6696 right?

PTX can do it, Lightan can’t.

Air dash people (blade/morrigan) can’t do it.

Zero can’t do it, because he has a run and not a dash.

I think that should be all the exceptions. Also yeah, if your dash was fast before, it’s faster now, so like yatterman gets more benefit than alex.