TvC Ground Dash Glitch (vid)

I seem to get the best results by double tapping for the first dash, then pressing forward and moving to u/f, then releasing immediately. Tekkaman can get across the entire screen very quickly, which should make him that much more deadly.

I imagine this would be very useful against a character like Cabl–Saki. She super jumps and you can zip past her nonsense from below, patiently waiting for her as she falls. :lol:

Okay, so I got home and tested this shit out. It works out of backdash, it’s TOTALLY viable, only took me about 10 minutes to get to about 80% consistency. Also, the video does make it look a tad faster then it actually is. And lastly, no, this won’t hurt Saki, not much at least.

How do you figure? This inherently plays into the hands of people who want to get in your face, because they can exploit smaller openings to get farther. It’ll be harder for characters like saki to keep you out effectively.

I agree LordHDL that seems like the best way to break it down.

Also Add Roll to the list of those who can’t do it. Dang, people are finding stuff fast! Lol

No, she can do it. Timing was a little harder for me, but it’s totally possible and makes her dash a lot better.

No, apparently Roll CAN do it.

EDIT: Ninja’d.

Superb find. I’m trying to do this with the Gamecube Controller Joystick though I’m not sure if I’m doing it too fast or too slow. Still trying to get it down.

Can it be done during air dashes as well?

Normally I use the cube’s analog for everything. It can be done, but I find this glitch easier with the pad. If you’re looking for consistency I’d say just get used to the pad specifically for this technique and continue with the analog after executing it.

Doesn’t seem possible in the air (unless there’s another method). My guess is because there aren’t any “jump startup” frames like there are on the ground.

How in the world are you doing it on the GC’s pad. ;_;

I can’t do it on the CC’s stick or pad. D: I get the slide, but I always jump after it.

EDIT: AH! Got it now. After 9 I wasn’t neutraling.

While I first thought that PTX would benefit, it just means people can backdash away from him faster too, right? Damn.

Then again, if you backdash-glitch away from PTX, and then you forward-dash glitch to follow…

Jesus Christ, this game just got a lot more insane.

Alex CAN do this, but his dash is so short it makes it both very difficult and not a significant gain. Was hoping it’d let you do corner wall bounce combos at midscreen, but ah well.

PTX can do this, but not Zero. Greeeaaaaattttttt.

you guys think up a name for it yet?

i propose calling it “hot stepping”

Wouldn’t “smurving” be more appropriate though? Provided of course smurvis isn’t against the name.


I like that one.

I thought up this cool term people could refer it by, has a nice ring to it. . .“wavedash”? M i rite???

I would just call it “Super Dash” to match “Super Jump.”

Wavedash would give people the wrong idea; that would mean you are dashing while remaining in a neutral standing position, which isn’t the case.

I vote for Smurving as well. Good shit man! “I’m going to Smurv across the screen.” “He Smurved across the screen at me.”

You’re not going to confuse “Smurving” with ANYTHING else.

roll can do this kind of stuff in the air, she could in the last game too

its easier than ground since you can just use the A+B+C A+B+C9