TvC Ground Dash Glitch (vid)

That’s not the same thing…

I’m also voting for “Jimmy-dash” or “J-dash” since that’s Smurvis’ name. :lol:

i vote on Smurfing…
not smurving…
i cant seem to do it damm it

The more you play Saki the more you realize how minor her ground tools are. Her beam’s a no-go, too easy to punish on response with IAD; and grounded grenades have too much recovery, they’re even easier to punish on reaction then her beam. When zoning you mostly toss aerial grenades, j./sj.C, and, when you have it charged, 22B shots or unblockables. You spend the rest of the match fishing for things like air-throws and air-to-air j.A/j.B, as they try to maneuver around this. The only real weakness that’ll frustrate Saki is that opportunities to charge shots have been cut down some with this. Lastly, you spend most of your time with the controller in a forward position when doing this wavedash, meaning more openings for sneaking in a 5C or j.C. Honestly though, my comment’s just a theory fighter thing. In my experience, the way Saki’s actually played isn’t really deterred by ground mobility, it’s air mobility that troubles her; that’s why Ken was her worst matchup in CGoH and Blade is shaping up to be another bitch of a matchup in UAS.

Then again, my approach to Saki might be near-sighted, I haven’t had the best of competition tbh.

“Did you see him Smurv to avoid that pidgeon?”

No but really, I’m actually all for either “Super Dash” or “Double Dash” or even “Wavedash.” Doesn’t really matter to me. Calling it Smurving is a bit much. :lol:

And yeah, I had to get ready for work so I didn’t have time to fully explain everything, but you guys figured this out pretty quick. The notation is 6696 or 66696 (can’t figure out which, I feel like I’m inputting 6696 but the key display shows 66696) but I threw the 5s in there to represent the understood neutrals. I mean, 66 is dash but you can’t hit 66 without going to neutral first. So even when people say 66 for dash, it’s technically 656, but everyone knows that. I had to show the 5s though to demonstrate the fact that I’m not returning to neutral between the 9 and the 6. So it’s either 6(5)6(5)96, or 6(5)6(5)696. I just put parenthesis to make that crap easier to read, it’s a lot of numbers back to back with no letters.

But yeah, it works with backdashes too, which you guys figured out. I just posted a very basic video to show the concept of it. I’ve got a few ideas for it in my head, and you guys have pretty much discussed those. I was able to do it with Megaman and Alex as well, but it didn’t feel as dramatic. I felt like showing Yatterman because he was who I found it with, and the guy helping me with the computer suggested I do a few other characters. I think Polimar was another good choice, his is exceptionally fast. And Ryu’s wasn’t bad either. I must’ve screwed up Ippatsuman’s, either that or his dash sucks. Also, I had a player tell me that after Alex does his standard command throw, one dash puts him just outside of range to apply any sort of real pressure. This dash glitch allows him to follow up command throws and be in range to do whatever he wants. Not sure how much “oki” exists in this game anyway, but it gives him more options.

And I didn’t do any speed editing. If there is any speed difference, it’s just because of the framerate of Gamebridge mixed with how fast the game is doing it. It’s possible that maybe gamebridge was dropping frames and happened to drop a few right when I did the second dash with Yatterman and Polimar. It does look kinda fast in the video though, but when I compared it to the game it’s about the same.

And yeah, I noticed I’m getting SLIGHTLY different results depending on WHEN I hit the 96 in the first dash. Sometimes Yatterman/Polimar really do appear to just spacewarp across the screen. And other times it’s not as dramatic but still really fast.

Aside from Alex and Megaman, these are the only other four characters I tested it with. Glad to see it works with PTX-40. I don’t really play him, but I think he’s cool.

Oh, and I’m using a Hori Real Arcade Pro, I think like 2.5A or 2.5 SE or something. It’s all sanwa and has blue buttons and a blue stick. Along with one of those Joybox PS2 -> GC converters. I can do it from the left side fairly consistently because hand is better at dashing to the right. If I’m on 2p side though, I have a lot of trouble doing it fast enough.

Hope I didn’t miss any questions, and sorry for the long post. Didn’t expect it to have this much attention in just a few hours.

That’s not bad Roski. Jimmy kinda sounds like shimmy. “You can just Jimmy your ass over there and 2A him into full combo” or even “Jimmy over there and punch him in the Jimmy and hope he doesn’t block low” but that might cause confusion.

…hm, this version doesn’t have an arcade release, right? Is it possible that this would end up patched?

I think double dash or super dash would be a proper name, i think its pretty accurate

After a few tries I was able to get this to work well. It seems like characters with slow dashes don’t benefit that much from it, but characters with fast dashes are able to cross the screen almost instantly.

Lets make a dashing tier list, of those who benefit the most and least, and at the very bottom, those who cant do it at all…zero, gold lightan, tblade, morrigan at the very bottom. Alex and megaman next …etc…I personally have trouble doing the dashes, so I cant test it, but I think it would be neat to have a list…

That’s a tough one. Yatterman and Polimar’s were obviously faster in the vid than Ryu, which was faster than Ippatsuman. But all four were able to dash full screen into a 2A.

You’d probably have to record every single dash and compare them all side by side. Otherwise it would be just kind of a guesstimation or you’d have a lot of characters lumped into the same “dash tier.”

This is a great find, but there is no need to name it anything other than Wave-dashing.

Why? It’s fun, and it helps a little more to take away some of the advantage that keepaway chars had in the last version of the game.

Did you guys see that dash?! It was so smurving awesome. Who the smurv does that? So smurving cool, like what the smurv?! That is freaking smurv! Smurv yeah!


I tried this use the alternate dash command (A+B+C) and it worked.

I managed to pull it off with Yatterman-1 twice in practice mode, but I doubt I can be consistent with it.

This is really hard to pull off with a CC. I may have to spring for a stick. Damn.

How about “Double Dash Cancel”? DDC?

Nice. I’m using my TvC Fightstick. It’s the same thing for me, but the other way around. lol I have difficulty doing it on 1p side. It’s the u/f that kills me.

what was your command inputs for doing it wit ABC cause if it can be done the shortcut it would make it alot easier

I dunno, I agree with Keits. The only two that make a lot of sense to me are Super Dash and Wavedash, and maybe Double Dash. But there are plenty of games with Wavedashes, and I’ve never heard of a Super Dash. I just wasn’t sure how close to Wavedashing this actually was, so I was leaning toward Super Dash myself until more people were calling it a Wavedash. But Wavedash is more consistent across the board for fighters, and this is as close to one as TvC probably will ever get.

This is not that different from the wavedashing from the marvel engine games. People comparing it to smash wave-dash as if it were the first technique to carry that name should take this in context.

Something has just occurred to me.

There’s a little design flaw with the GC controller that causes you to hit 2 or 8, depending on how you hold 4 or 6. This glitch has been happening to me a lot, but I never really thought anything of it, or the controller’s flaw.

For everyone flustered over using the CC pad; I use it and I’m already consistent with this. The method I use is a tad different from that mentioned, however, for me I:

66, pause slightly, 69

I have more success with this method because I can better roll my thumb up to the 9(u/f) position then hitting it outright on the pad. Maybe this will help other pad warriors?