TvC has Option select!


Yes, TvC has Option Selects they aren’t that deep as others but they are OS none the least heres the list.

Option Selects.

6J.C = This is just J.C if done Naked and Air to Ground Air to Air if close enough it is a grab.

2b 5c = This is nice for the fact the you are safe if it doesn’t work and if it does work you get a hit confirm for a combo. Depending how far you are from you opp if 2b whiff 5c doesn’t come out. If 2b does connect 5c comes out leading you into a combo.

ABC = depending if your op does a IAD j.b or j.c you either do a Advance Guard or if the move cancels and doesn’t connects you backdash. Backdash will let you go into a fast punish.

6P = If your blocking and your opp delays his hits and you go for a VAR depending how long your blockstun is your assist could jump out or just VAR and depending on what assist you have will allow you go on the offense.

So far thats all we know about, sure theres some more.