TvC has the same announcer as Smash64!

How cool is that!?

I just noticed it when I was getting all the letters in the credits!!

are u sure?? thats fckin awesome!! I’m likin this game more and more. I miss the melee announcer however.

BTW I noticed that Ken’s voice in SFIV is the same as Nero’s in Devil May Cry 4. just saying.

And Chun’s voice in SF4 and TvC is the same as Rukia’s from Bleach

Batsu’s voice is the same as Link from Soul Calibur 2, Viral from Gurren Lagann

btw, Ken’s SFIV voice is the same as Dante’s in DMC4, not Nero’s

I think the voice actor for Doronjo’s sidekicks is the same as King Kai in DBZ. I really don’t know why I felt the need to post that, but it was driving me crazy for a day until I figured out where I had head the voice from!

Batsu = Link = Joe Higashi = Viral = Siegfried = Nightmare in Soul 2 = Gai Tendo

=o …

Batsu just earned copious amounts of respect from me

When Joe the condor stands still he looks like miguel (Tekken 6), and when he walks back he looks like miguel’s savage stance.