TvC in NJ / NYC?

Anybody out there playing this gem?

I know there’s a group of you in NYC who do, I missed out on you guys last time, not going to let that happen this time around.

Same goes for New Jersey, anybody up for playing this game, it’s in Evo now, let’s get cracking!


Sup Chibi. It’s only Booty Clapper and I that really play in Brooklyn and a bunch of guys hiding throughout the city. Booty Clapper keeps his gatherings open so just hit him up in the Brooklyn players thread. We also play poverty games too.

Ohh I playe TvC too, that game is just awesome!, i’m from LI btw

Im down for some sessions at booty’s just lemme know when and im there

Funny, I made this thread a couple months ago and all I got were lols


i think it was cuzz the final version of the game wasnt out yet , but still seens that there is no much interest at the moment for the game, lets see what happen later on

I’d be down for sessions, I’d just need to get the game first =X

I live in Doylestown, which is an hour away from NJ. I’d love (READ: NEED) to get some sessions down with TvC lovers. Is anything gonna happen this weekend? I want in.

Send me a PM if you are in or near Suffolk county. We need more TvC players here. ffs.

if anyone can host in manhattan im down

I’m from teh bronx i know a few people who play lmk when and where :smiley:

TVC TVC TVC best game out!