TvC IRC Stinky this!

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[COLOR="#ff8c00"]TvC IRC[/COLOR]


Clients you can use.

Instructions for these clients, if you lack irc skills when you download either these you need to set up a profile its free just needs a email and user name. After you get that setup you will be left with a blank screen in both clients click down at the bottom and you will get a text box.

Commands to log in the Irc chan
First /server
Second you may get a box asking for a channel its will be #srktvc.
Third if you don’t get a box the command is /join #srktvc

Online Clients

Go to click Launch client it will load. You will get a drag down box with server names look for Efnet server(Don’t get confused with Ecfent server).
After you get in server enter your name and in channel box #srktvc.

Thats it you are in the IRC enjoy we are open to questions and fun.