TVC is not that fun on gcn pad... Upgrade worth it?

Yeah, so besides feeling like a dumbed down marvel, tvc’s gcn pad setup (and the pad for non smash fg’s) is seriously turning me off. Is it any better on classic controller or stick?

i find it the most fun with just the wii controller.

3 button win!

Why don’t you hook it up and try it out?

Proof some questions are too stupid for even the noob forums.

posting cos i’m on the same boat, as much as it is playable on a gamecube pad, it’s just hard as hell to get combos down thanks to the stupid button placements. I’ve been put off by TvC, mainly because of the rubbish online play + all the lag abusers out there and rage quitters, its just a waste of time and playing on gamecube pad just isnt fun and i don’t wanna splash out and get a stick for one game :confused:

… I did try it out… Why would I talk about it being unfun for me to use if I didn’t use it? Why would I be asking for how much you hate the game? That would be dumb as all mess. Look I asked a simple question, ok? Leave your trolling to fourchan, I just wanted some people’s views on the other methods. I’m not a complete n00b (“ooh how he do dat blue ball!”), I just go here so I don’t get trolled… Unfortunately there are stll too many cranky people that miss the troll friendly blue steel era. All I want is a good answer relevant to my question. If you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, take it to your mom or psych or something, but don’t be lame and just nag/rag someone you don’t even know on the internet.

Well I’m tell you now that playing TVC on a stick is hella fun, and if you want to get serious with this game and take your skills to an offline session, then you should get one. If you bought it for strictly online purposes, you’d best get a refund. Online is trash for the most part.

And no comment for the OP for making yet another useless thread in a sea of useless threads.

Thanks, but, holy shit, chill out. Stop. bitching.
I just asked a question that’s what this is for. Do I have to get a lawyer for just doing that? “Sea of useless threads”. Seriously it’s the noob section. You want advanced, go to the advanced play areas…
Quite frankly noob section is for questions. If you wanna contribute you post a tutorial or post something good in the tvc section… I just got the game YESTERDAY. THE DEFENSE RESTS HIS INTERNET CASE… -_-

Well, I never used a gcn pad for comparison, but using a classic controller is good. It plays exactly how you would expect it to play using a snes pad. If there’s something bothering you about the gcn pad, I imagine using a CC would be better. A stick is better yet and plays exactly how you would expect a stick to play. Basically, if you like the game itself, but hate the controller, then get a new controller.

As a side note: I don’t know why everyone bashes online play. Sure, you get lagged players kinda often, then you don’t rematch them. I’d say ~60% of the time I get matched up with another player with zero lag. If you can stand getting through a few lagged matches, there’s a lot to enjoy online.

thank you sir!
anyway i kinda figured out my own question , but i was seeing if anyone had anything to share.