Tvc is now in the Philly arcade, University Pinball

University Pinball
4006-08 Spruce St, Philadelphia, PA 19104

It just got here yesterday and is installed. Game is set at 50cents per play, so if you want some local comp or just want to play in the arcade then feel free to come on over. I’ll be there playing as well and the guys you’ve seen in my videos. Plus other comp from other states etc.

There’s also a tournament going on the 21st of feb. I posted a link in tournament and events.

So, Brandon, tell us how/if the console characters are unlocked on the arcade unit when you get the chance. Many of us are still wondering about that.

They’re not. I’ve been playing on the arcade cabinet at a bunch of different places now, and they’re not selectable anywhere, nor have I seen anybody unlock them using any method at all. Nowhere on the machine does it say anything about using a wiimote or a memory stick or anything to unlock these characters, nor does it say anything about that anywhere on the official site, anywhere on the japanese wiki, or anywhere at all except for a couple random posts here. As far as I (or anyone apparently) can tell, you can’t play the unlockable characters in the arcade.

EDIT: I read that again and it sounded upset or something, which wasn’t my intent. I’ve just heard rumors floating around SRK about these things and all of them are completely baseless as far as I can tell, so I want to post and let people know this.

Yea I didn’t hear nothin about console characters being unlocked and from what people in japan were saying, they seem to be wii exclusive. I’ll check some more though.

That is incredibly lame, if true. I’m glad we are continuing to use them, though.

not my problem bout the wii exclusives :smiley:

Yea so in SBO there wont be any wii unlockable characters used due to them not being in the arcade, so that’s the official rules I’m assuming they’ll have to go by.

Yeah well I, for one, am glad I don’t have to deal with Saki in real competitive play, because she is my least favorite ever.

so no saki, joe, ippatsuman, lightan, or ptx. im missing someone

Lightan and PTX are not console exclusive.

You won’t be getting rid of them that easily >:/

And you forgot Daimou.

I’m very sad to see Joe and Ippatsuman gone from tournament play, but as for Daimou, I couldn’t care less about him. And in some ways I’m glad Saki is gone. One less person who rapes the giants.

Well, I’m here to say it sucks that the console characters aren’t in the arcade, ***especially ***Saki. She is awesome.

This to counter all the apparent happiness at Saki not being in there -_-

Anyone happy about having LESS options/characters in arcade-tournament play has the wrong attitude.

Hey man, I can be happy about getting my ass kicked less often.

hey man i think one dude scrubbing it up with megaman is enough, we dont need saki in the mix…

“scrubbing it up”, ah, the irony…

what’s the aspect ratio?

just wondering

Isn’t Saki one of the better Karas counters?

made me crack a smile

Saki is one of the better everything counters.

dam, i wish i was still in new jersey, i use to hit this arcade up for marvel.