TvC mod, strange inputs- Help Required


Hello lovely Tech Talk Forum members!

I’ve been trying to mod a TvC Wii Stick to have XBox Fightpad innards. I’ve successfully done this for one friend, and also have installed an Imp to my PS3 TE as well (just to give you an idea that this isn’t my very first mod, but not far off it).

I’ve completed the wiring and plugged it in last night - when I tested all the buttons, they were fine (and in the right order), and the ordinals were fine too - U, D, L, R, all work just fine with no strange inputs.

The fun comes when I try and input any pair of inputs (D+R, D+L, U+L, U+R) - while the input shows, immediately afterwards, towards+up comes out, and the character jumps towards the opponent. If the character jumps over the opponent, the direction of the input switches to the opposite direction, and the character jumps back over the opponent again.

Obviously I must have wired something wrong, but I’ve checked the cabling and all -looks- OK.

Tonight, I’m going to remove the wiring on the D-Pad and try just using it directly with no joystick connected to see if that’s the issue, but I’d love to know if someone else can suggest what I might have done wrong so I can focus my efforts there.

I know you guys are full of experiences, and I bet someone has seen this before…

Here’s hoping you can help!




Tonight’s process: removed cables from d-pad area and tried to get this to work without a joystick attached. The result was a resounding success - the pad works fine with nothing attached.

Next I removed all the cables soldered on to the other end, and re-soldered the whole lot. Result: exactly the same output as before.

D-Pad close-up:
Back of control panel:

I really am stumped by this - please help TT, you’re my only hope…



Disconnect the joystick from the TvC PCB, that could be causing something weird, especially if you didn’t connect the VCC of both PCBs.


another thing to look for is damage to the soldermask. when you were soldering to D-pad pads it looks like you have a few stray solder spots on top of some traces that are covered with soldermask. if you are unsure of what soldermask is, it is the green coat on the PCB that protects the copper from solder. but it does break away when you rub a solder iron across it sometimes. even though the the back of your controller panel has what looks like shoddy solder work, it should be just fine. looks to me like the problem is in the D-pad area.


My money’s on this:

Your Left and Rights are connected somewhere. Probably messy soldering. Probably also possible that you accidentally got the two mixed up when soldering it to the 360 PCB. The game is interpreting your left+right+up input as forward+up, which is why the input switches when you jump over a character. I would completely desolder the Left and Right on your Wii PCB and do those again, or resolder Left to a different location.

Either that or your stick’s haunted, I can’t think of any other explanation for sudden swaps in left/right inputs.


You are wiring it to the wii pcb, but the pcb isnt powered. Even if you arent using it, it has to be powered.


Awesome stuff

Hi guys,

Thanks for the various inputs! Got to agree, my soldering is shoddy - trust me, it’s getting better than it was! Practice, practice, practice, right?

As for the left and right - I’ve definately got them patched up correctly on both ends, as I can get the normal L R U + D directions to work with no issues - but it’s a good point that was made about the L+R possibly triggering at the same time - I am wondering if while I’ve been soldering it, I’ve ruined the housing for the stick’s cable - I’m thinking of soldering directly to the joystick pins (and being a bit more careful and neat!), unless anyone has any objections?

I never considered there being a problem with the Wii board not being connected up with VCC etc - I managed to get the other TvC stick to work this way, but that’s not to say that things aren’t going to end up going wrong there :slight_smile: - Hopefully doing the above will move round being attached to the board anyway. I’ll just have to wire up the GND anyway, else the Home/Guide button will do nothing.

Thank you for all the replies so far guys, it’s been really useful!



If you find the points to solder on the pcb you can use it as a guide button. I just used select/back as guide.


So, thanks for everyone’s help - In the end I did as mentioned above and cabled straight to the stick. In hindsight, I probably could have just connected the VCC + GND of the USB connections together - next time I’ll give that a go.

All is now working, apart from the guide button - I was too tired last night to cable it up correctly. I am interested in what you meant by getting start+select to act as guide - as I’ve only seen that with the IMP - I’m sure there’s a really easy explaination, and I’m currently being dense (2am finishes with 6.30am starts hurt!), but would be greatful if you could point out how to do this.

Thanks again,



I was saying just drop the back button and just make it guide. OR The best way is to find the solder point on the back of the pcb for home and connect the 3.3v with the 5v. So the home/turbo panel gets some use.



Helps if I read the post correctly, rather than through tired foggy eyes :wink:

Thanks again for your help, BartStation.



You can tell that the UK is currently loving the £14 TvC Fightstick/£16 360 fightpad combo! I’m currently getting this done by my talented friend.

A dual-modded SE fightstick for £30. Cheaper than the shitty Hori EX2. Awesome.


This. I started with the EX2, and the buttons are… frustrating.

I saw the offer on here under the deal section, and bought one for me, one for a friend and another mate bought one too. BARGAIN.

I also read up on the stick first - DV3 (I think) did a great write up on Capcom Unity that I can’t currently find - but it compared the internals of the TvC stick to the semitsu comparable parts - not too much difference at all. Certainly, it’s not as nice as the twin TE’s I’ve got, but it’s going to make a fun (and cheap!) project for me.