TvC [ Netcode Feedback ] Thread

Discuss about the TvC Netcode on Wii.
Please state if you are using the Adapter or not.

Just tried 2 online games…

First game was completely unplayable. I hit A, and 2 seconds later I punch. Horrible.

Second game was much better, but there was still a bit of input lag that made combos hard. I was still able to link my roll 54 hit combo once though, so it wasn’t the worst I guess.

Now, my friend that lives down the road from me played online with me last night…and it was near perfect. It seems laggier on certain stages too with Training Stage being the best so far. I’ll keep updating as I play online more.

I assume that’s with Wifi? I’d like some input from somebody with an adapter.

-is an adapter user-

about 40-60% of my free battles online are laggy

matches with friends are near perfect with a couple having noticeable lag. I live in Ohio and had pretty decent matches against someone in Georgia.

Yo. I just had an hour of matches from TX to WI, me wireless, him wired, and it felt like offline latency wise.

Its pretty bad.

oh well, no inter-state matches for me. Thankfully I have a friend in the next city down who may be interested in playing.

Just got TVC today and played like 20 matches online.

About half of them had bad input lag, but the rest were playable and one was practically perfect.

It’s better than Brawl’s online, at least.

Its better than tekken 6’s too but its still unbearable

Not even. This shit is golden.

Playing against Tapion and Digi = FLAWLESSSSSSS

They must live like a block away from you with brilliant connection speeds

Tap lives in Michi, Digi lives in Wisconsin. I live in TX.

That shit was flawless. And I have DSL, and Im wireless, AND my computer is wireless on the same network with the router downstairs on the other side of the house.

This netcode is gooood.

Wow seems great!!

Then again since I’m coming off of Brawl (and so is GHNeko here) this will probably seem excellent as that’s all I’ve got for comparison.

For those of use with PS3s and 360s this will probably seem a bit below average.

This is mostly from reading around, but now that I’ve seen both viewpoints this seems to be the most logical explanation.

I have yet to see a complaint from someone with the USB LAN adaptor…HMmMMmMmm

I’m on WIFI and I’m having mixed results. I’ve had a few matches that were pretty smooth, but most have been choppy as hell. My only losses thus far have come from people on a choppy connection that ran away all match. It’s very aggravating.

And what is up with the disconnects? I’ve had 2 dc right before they lost and it caused my win % to go down. I thought that they had something in place that hurt those that DC while not hurting the opponent’s record.

the online is good i’ve had really good matches and a couple of laggy ones of course it was a storm yesterday so I guess lag is to be expected. Infinite if you are lagging it may be your connection maybe you should stop stealing your neighbors dial up internet connection and get a cable modem.

I think you should also limit the “range” of your searches. Worldwide range might give you laggy matches. XP

I had maybe 2 playable matches, and the rest (about 7) were very laggy. I don’t think the netcode is suspect, rather the fact that 95% of Wii owners use a wireless internet connection is the issue

I’ve been pretty lucky so far myself as well, I use the LAN adapter and a few of the matches I played lagged slightly…not like a total slowdown but a short pause for a second or two and then the speed caught up and ran smooth the rest of the match.

But I didnt really play more than 5 matches anyway, wanted to go back to unlocking characters.

Its always going to be hit or miss though since you cant be positive that every person you play with is going to have a properly configured wired connection.

Well since we’re on the topic of properly configured wifi connections, how does one go about doing that? I’d at least like to be able to play with someone in the next city down from where I am, and possibly japanese players too since they’re closer. I should probably get a USB adaptor or something right?