TvC [ Netcode Feedback ] Thread

I haven’t had a single playable match. True some were better then others, but still for the most part… unplayable.

How does it feel overall, compared to SF4? Worse, on average? Better? About the same?

I found SF4 tolerable, but I may have a high tolerance for lag since I don’t have any offline competition.

Considering a vast, VAST majority of Wii owners don’t own the LAN adaptor, I doubt you’ll see much difference since the guy on the other end more than likely is on WiFi.

This is true…but it can’t do anything but help, im sure the difference is substantial and not as minimal as you’ve stated…

I played Tapion also and we were fine. I’m in Florida.

I’ve been on since Thursday and it just depends on who you are playing.

Lots of lag spikers/switchers.

Remove all obstacles from your end ( go wired, port forward or put Wii in DMZ, make sure you aren’t downloading a lot of stuff and have a decent connection.)

The rest is up to the other user.

The netcode is fine, this is one of few games where there is no skipping even in the worst of lag. It just goes very slow.

They do. If you have too many disconnects (whether it was intentional or not), you are blocked from playing online for a set amount of time.

That doesn’t really help out our Win % though.

^Not true. The number one guy NOOB has DCed 10 times on me alone in one day and he does so to everyone when he is losing.

No repercussions yet. :annoy::arazz:

That sucks since you literally have to turn off your wii/manually disconnect in order to actually disconnect

as for me, i had some unbearable matches and some DECENT ones but im on wifi so ima get the lan adapter and see how it goes

I was just quoting those info windows that popup while you wait for a opponent. :confused: Maybe it’s just an empty threat.

Maybe it will be put in effect soon or the guy get banned if enough people complain.

LAN adapter is the way to go.

I get an average of 5 DCs a day. They can’t handle T Blade :nunchuck:

It’s been pretty smooth for me so far. A few laggy mtches and only a couple that were really bad, mostly good though. The netcode seems fine and also I have yet to have lag on a match with someone registered as my friend (did 4 of those matches, all fine). I’m thinking the connection is probably more stable when you’re playing with friends (possibly rivals too but I dunno) than when you do random match making since you are simply connecting to a specific person opposed to connecting to the search server, then finding the person, then connecting to them. Also, if you’re constantly getting laggy matches it’s probably an issue on your end either with blocked ports or a weak WiFi signal. If you get mixed results then it just means your connection is fine and some of the people you are playing are not.

Well, I got my wired LAN adapter in the mail today… been playing TvC online since yesterday.

And yeah, I’m a believer. I was skeptical as to how much ti would actually help. I had a lot of variance on wireless, some matches were better than others, but the average match was a bit of a letdown.

But since getting the LAN adapter, I’ve only played a few matches, so the jury is still out… but out of the matches I’ve had, they’ve all been better than the BEST matches I had on wireless. and my Wii is right next to my router

I may be preaching to the choir for a lot of you, but for everyone else… I highly recommend that you get a wired LAN adapter right now.

Not sure if the brand or whatever matters, but this is the one I got: Wii Net Connect by Nyko, it’s $17 right now

I’m playing on wireless. Horrible. Not one playable match (could feel lag in all of them), and only one in which I could hit a basic BnB with Morg (2A 2B 5C 3C sjc jB jB dj jB jB xx B-Fist xx DI)

Maybe because I’m on wireless, but I’m on wireless for 360 as well, and most of my matches in SF4 and HDR are very playable. Same with T6 as well.

I first played TvC with a wireless connection(just 'cause it’s easier) and it was terrible and unplayable. The I swithed to my wired connection and it was pretty good. Now I just need to find ppl with a wired connection and I’m good to go.

I played last night and played a couple of matches…im wireless
anyways went to free batte
and came across 2 Zero Players

and both of the matches had some sort of lag on a Super

it was Zero’s Rainbom from the Sky super…
at the end of the super…i saw very noticeable frame skips, and it was only in that Super
first match Training Stage,
second match Fire level…
both had lag on that super…the worst was the Fire Stage
had anyone had an experience of a match with Zero like me??

Exactly the same one I got. Very nice to hear from someone who played both wireless and wired. =]

Update on the whole “punishing ragequitters” thing: (go to 1:45)

For those too lazy to watch, basically the system is set up so if you have regular disconnects, it flags your account and then you can only play against those who are also flagged. In other words, if you ragequit, you will only be matched up with ragequitters.

so is the lan adapter really worth it? i know it doesnt cost much monies, but right now im strapped for cash and running on ramen and vienna sausages.

I played a couple of Player matches and they both sucked. Then I tried a ranked match and it worked like a dream. I guess it all depends on your own connection and who you’re matched with.

There will definitely be a noticeable difference, but it really depends on who you are connected to.

Wired vs. Wired would be noticeably better, but Wired vs. Wireless may not have much of a difference at all. Best thing to do would get the LAN adapter regardless because you never know when you will face a Wired user (or you could just add all the Wired users here and have a better experience :tup: ).